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Daniela Patricia Olivieri – Transformation Artist

Daniela Patricia Olivieri
Daniela Patricia Olivieri is a Transformation Artist of international stature who began her career in 2013, becoming the winner of the beauty pageant Miss Millennium Gay Venezuela 2013. Today she has consolidated her career as queen of important competitions, model and entertainer.

Daniela Patricia Olivieri - MISS GAY VENEZUELA 2015Daniela is also the winner of MISS GAY VENEZUELA 2015 and MISS GAY INTERNATIONAL 2016. Many consider Daniela as one of the greatest promoter of the art of Transvestism

Daniela has made her mark as a successful host, model, entertainer and also a journalist. She has made countless appearances in Beauty contests & TV Programs. Daniela has hosted many prestigious shows like Miss Earth International,  Miss Gay International, Miss America T, and Miss Gay Venezuela 2021.

Daniela Patricia Olivieri hosting beauty contest

Daniela says ” Being a woman is much more than an image, feeling femininity that is not limited by a role, and on the contrary, enriches each experience is the best proof that being a woman is a blessing. For me it is always a huge honor to represent the most beautiful being in the world, women are their different ways of being.”

Follow Daniela on Instagram: @danielapatriciaolivieri

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Daniela Patricia Olivieri

Daniela Patricia Olivieri

Daniela Patricia

Daniela Patricia Olivieri

Daniela Patricia Olivieri

Daniela Patricia

Daniela Patricia Olivieri

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  1. Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to dress up and look as good as her . No chance of that now . Too old and far gone

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