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Luna Rose – Drag Queen & YouTuber

Drag Queen Luna RoseLuna Rose is a stunning drag queen and famous Youtuber. Her real name is Jack and she has been doing drag for the past 6 years. Luna does a lot of drag makeup/ boy to girl transformations on her channel as well as makeup reviews and makeup hauls ranging from drugstore / affordable makeup to high end and luxury.Drag queen Luna Rose before and after Transformation

Her YouTube channel @Luna_Rose is predominantly based around beauty and makeup with drag as the main current focus.

Some words by Luna Rose:

“I do drag. Because I love makeup and creating content, and getting to play with clothes/fashion. It’s even more fun on YouTube since I get to play with photography and editing. And it’s a therapeutic distraction from my brain and self doubts. Drag is an art form and is open to EVERYONE. The most powerful things you can do is create the image of your own imagination.”

Follow Luna on social media:
Instagram : the.luna.rose
Snapchat: the_lunarose
Twitch : The_Lunarose

Photo Gallery:

Hot drag queen

Stunning Drag Queen

Drag queen transformation

Luna Rose

male to female drag

male to female transformation

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  1. I think you look hot as hell your very beautiful and I’m sure your just as beautiful on the inside. I love watching beautiful crossdressers such as yourself I see the real beauty and of course you make me horny as hell specially when your wearing those tan pantyhose and pink outfits keep up the poses. just a fan Todd.

  2. Very beautiful hun.

  3. J O for me?

  4. It is my favorite thing to do

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