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You Do Not Become, But You are Born

Crossdressing story - You are born

Sat here late in the night, I began to reminisce, of the times, I was dressed-up by girls, and later as I became older, by a woman or women. If I can remember correctly, it was during the school summer holidays that I walked around the village, looking for some boys to play with, but to no avail, as the majority had gone on a holiday, with family, to the seaside.

So there I was walking up to the top of the road, in search of anyone, then a woman’s voice, by the gate, asking me, why so glum?

Well I had not heard the word glum, and not understood it.

I am sorry Mrs. Rodgers, but I do not understand what the word is.

Oh, why so sad, my dear boy?

I can’t find anyone to play with, and I have walked around the village.

Well if you like, you can come in and play with my daughter Valma and her friend is with her, I think it’s Hayley. Do you know them?

Yes, they are in my class at school.

Well come on in, and they are down the back, by the den.

I walked in and followed Mrs. Rogers.

Valma, there is someone here, who has no one to play with, can he play with you two.

Valma looked up and saw it was me, and smiled, then Hayley, looked at me, then they both looked at each other. I swear girls can communicate without talking to each other, by just their eyes.

You see, not all is lost my boy, so Valma’s mom went and I asked, what are you playing? Valma, the Miss Bossy Boots, enlightened me, at present we are dressing dolls, so I sat there and she handed me a doll, without any clothes on.

What do I do now, asking sheepishly?

here, as she handed me a box, there are clothes in here, choose what you like to dress her.

I rummaged through the clothes, and took out a dress, and began to put it on the doll.

No silly, you have to put her knickers and petticoat on first.

Here is a knickers put it on her, and I took it from her hand and went to put it on her, but backwards.

No silly, you have it the wrong way, around, so I had to then doff it and don it correctly.

Don’t you know how to put on knickers Graham, her asking loudly?

Well no Valma, I have not dressed a doll before and I do not wear knickers.

Well of course not, you’re a boy.

Once the doll was dressed, I asked Valma, what do I do now?

Cuddle her and nurse her, then put her in the pram and walk around the path. I had in mind, and so glad, no one was about to see me doing this, but Valma and Hayley there to witness it. After doing that, Valma told me, we are going to the den and play dress up.

I have a case there of some of my old clothes there.

Once in the den, Valma, told me to undress my undies, then handed me a rose print floral frock, on a white background.

Valma, that’s a girl’s frock, I can’t wear girl’s clothes.

Yes you can, if you wish to continue playing with us.

Oh alright, but why may I ask?

Well, because you looked so silly, pushing the pram around, and you a boy, so it is best you dress as a girl, to make it look better.

So both girls put it over my head and buttoned it up the back, followed by tieing the side straps at the back in a tight bow.

How do you feel in the dress, her asking and looking me up and down?

A bit silly.

Of course it’s silly, as you are not wearing knickers, but boy’s underpants.

So Valma ran into the house and ran back holding a pair of knickers with small flowers on it.

Please Valma, I can’t wear knickers.

Yes you can and you will, or I shall tell you to go now, like that.

Well no way, were I leaving the den, and walking home in a dress. So I took my pants off, placing them on my shorts and tee-shirt.

Now make sure you put them on the correct way, as we showed you with the doll.

I held them up and turned them around. Is this the front Valma?

Yes, very good, you are learning.

I stepped into them and pulled them up under my dress and into place, the girls watching every move. Luckily, I had the sense to turn my back, or they may have seen it.

Let’s have a look at you, as Valma, spun me around to face her. We best comb your hair and a little make up.

I now began to come wiser and just kept silent, as I surely did now wish to go through her front gate like a girl. I seated myself and they set to work on me. Once done both stood back and looked at me, then each other.

What’s wrong please girls?

Graham, you sure do now look like a girl. Here look at yourself, as I was shown a mirror.

Oh my gosh, is that me?

Yes sweetie that is you, a girl.

Please Valma, I have to get all this off now.


I got this feeling, I think, I like it. Well if you like it, you best stay like that.

Valma, I can’t go home like this.

Why not, teasing me now, as I was helpless. Then Mrs. Rogers came down to us, with a tray of sandwiches and lemonade. On seeing me, she smiled and asked her daughter Valma, who is this pretty girl?

Valma, turned to me, asking, what’s your name again? For some reason, I just blurted out JANE.

The End

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