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YQ-颖琪 (Y-SNOW) – Beautiful Crossdresser from China

Beautiful crossdresser from china

YQ-颖琪 also know as Y-Snow is one of the most beautiful male to female crossdresser from China. His crossdressing transformations are simply incredible.  Not only does Y-Snow look very convincing as a girl, he looks like a stunning model with his mesmerizing face and sexy feminine figure.

Y-Snow loves to capture photos and believes that photos are pure self-portraits. He occasionally posts stunning photos of his transformation in his twitter account. Many people are amazed by his feminine transformation.  Y-Snow has a large following and adored for his incredible beauty and fabulous style.

Photo Gallery:

Crossdresser YQ-颖琪

beautiful crossdresser YQ-颖琪

YQ-颖琪 crossdressing in skirt and heels

Crossdresser YQ-颖琪

Crossdressing as school girl


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  1. I am literally stunned by your beauty. I had to take a few deep breaths. What a beautiful young lady!

  2. i find it strange that people refer to YQ as a he as i have always seen her as a she, she is that lovely dressed as a girl

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