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Wrong Email Address

wrong email address- Crossdressing Story

I had just typed out an email to my friend Maureen, enlightening her, that I had so enjoyed today with her, in the sunshine, and when we were deep in the woods, you had me strip off, and then you told me to don a knickers, bra and dress, with a pair of flats.

Then we placed all my horrid male clothes in the bag, what had my fem attire in, and we hid the bag, to return there afterward. We walked around, just like two girls, and we so enjoyed the coitus.

I know you are seven years my senior Maureen, but I really enjoy being with you, as you have taught me so much about being a girl, and how much love a girl can give. I never thought for a moment that I would be deflowered in my teenage years, to such an attractive woman as yourself. You are so understanding and sympathetic, toward me.

Gosh, how I think of you at night, but dare not mastur-bate, due to you telling me not to, as you would see to my needs, when we next meet. I love you very much Maureen. Yours always, Jane.

Then I clicked Send.

Now the nightmare begins, I now realized, I had clicked-on my aunt’s email address, and that was Marlene. Marlene is my mom’s sister. I could not Un-send it, as Marlene had a different server to myself and Maureen and I were the same server.

Oh what do I do, send an email to my aunt Marlene, and also an email to my girlfriend Maureen, imparting to her my horrible error. Aunt Marlene, knows Maureen’s mom. Why had I been so anxious to send it, before not checking the email address. Both women begin with MA, Maureen and Marlene.

I could not sleep well that night, waiting for the balloon to go up. The next day, Maureen was at work, so I dare not phone her there. I did many chores and housework, as mom, was out shopping with my sister, as my sister, worked shifts, and were nights, that night. Will aunt Marlene chat to me, or will she chat to mom about it.

Mom and sis arrived home, to a clean and tidy house, and I had taken a shower and a meal ready for them for a salad. Sis, later, got ready for work, and mom, relaxed, as I told her, I would do the dishes.

Mom, all is done, I am going to my bedroom, to go on my laptop.

Alright son, and thank you very much for today.

Sis, left for work and mom watching TV.

Then I opened my email, to view an email there, from my aunt.

My dear nephew, or should we now be my dear niece. Thank you, for such an interesting and comprehensive email, of your escapades in the woods, with a certain woman, that I am acquainted with and her mom. So you like to be a girl, am I right? Well sweetie, you best make arrangements to come and stay with your aunt Marlene, for a few weeks. I shall speak to your mom, and explain that you need a change of scenery and of course a change of clothes. You best tell your sweet girlfriend that you are away, at your aunts, and if she would like to visit us, then it will be only an hour away, on the bus, and we shall pick her up at the bus inter station. Oh yes my dear, you shall be adorned in girl’s attire, when we pick her up. I will make sure of that. If you should decline this offer, then I may accidentally send it to your sister and of course your mom.

Well, I just read it over and over, at least aunt is not enraged with me, but seems to be advocating my crossdressing. Then I receive incoming video call,  it was my aunt.

Hello sweetie, have you read my email?

Yes aunt.


I shall concur aunt.

That’s a good girl, so we can keep this confidential.

Yes please aunt.

Oh I see, you are already in your nightie, my dear.

Yes aunt.

Well sweetie, until tomorrow, I bid you a good night Jane.

Don’t you dare mastur-bate.


Author:~ Miss Jane Wyn Jones.

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  1. Very nice story eager to see the next chapter.


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