Women Who Caught Their Boyfriends Crossdressing


It is quite common for people to keep some secrets from their partner because of the fear of judgement they might get from it. People keep secrets for many reasons. Cross-dressing is one of such things that many people want to keep a secret because of the fear of not being accepted or being humiliated by their partner.

Some crossdressers do get caught in the act and its confusing for both the partners. Some get surprised, some get angry and some just find it funny and some are very supportive when they walk in on their partner wearing the opposite gender’s clothes.

Here are stories shared by women who caught their boyfriends crossdressing.

1. Came home and caught my Boyfriend red handed. Not with another girl but with a face full of my makeup on and wearing my old clothes. I am in full support but I didn’t know how to respond.
Rita from San Antonio, Texas, US

2. I just came home early from work and caught my boyfriend crossdressing. I was so confused to see him dress like a girl and I could see he was quite embarrased by it. I caught him trying on my clothes. He betrayed my trust and I don’t know if I will be able to get over this bump in our relationship.
Jenny from California, US

3. I was super confused when I found out that my husband is into crossdressing and I only found out through the internet history. I feel hurt and sad that he kept such a secret from me.
Alice from Toronto, Canada

4. Last night my boyfriend told me he wanted to start crossdressing. It was very hard for me to understand why he would like to do it. I said okay but I find it so weird to see him like a girl. I am very scared about our relationship.
Jane from Boston, USA

5. I caught my bf crossdressing a few weeks ago. I love and accept him but as he gets more into it, I am getting more uncomfortable with it.
Racheal from Texas, USA

6. I walked in on my boyfriend crossdressing. Told him we were done. He ended up packing his clothes and left the next day. I am so sad he didn’t told me about this before we started dating.
Julie from Netherlands

7. I caught my boyfriend wearing my dress and heels. I’ve tried my best to be as supportive as possible. But now all he ever wants to do is be dressed and make love as a woman. He doesn’t really care about my needs anymore, and I am very confused what to do next.
Roberta from Germany 

8. I walked in on my husband crossdressing in my clothes. If he stretched out any of my stuffs, I am going to be super angry.
Cathy from New Zealand

9. Last night I caught my husband crossdressing and he told me he’s been with men before. I am now worried he might leave me for a man.
Kylie from London, UK

10. Found out my partner likes to crossdress. Wish he’d felt comfortable enough to tell me sooner. Cuz I really don’t mind it and him hiding it was making him so depressed. I felt so hurt knowing he didn’t trust me enough to tell me.
Erica from Florida, USA

11. When my boyfriend first told me about his crossdressing, I was hurt and confused. Now I realize how important it is to support him and I absolutely love it.
Juliette from Manchester, UK

12. Just found out my boyfriend is into crossdressing. I promised him I’d support him and buy him clothes since he’s scared to. He seemed so genuinely relieved I didn’t hate him for it.
Jasmine from Boston, USA

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  1. I told my wife after 15 years of marriage. She is very supportive But I can tell she is still confused about the whole thing.

  2. I moja me žena uhvatila i podržava me

  3. I told my wife I crossdressed when we moved in together she is ok about it as long as she doesn’t see it that was 15 years ago and she is still not great about it now
    The only thing she let’s go is I sleep in tights every night and again as long as she doesn’t see it it’s OK
    I just think it is hard for people to understand what is going on to make you crossdress it makes me relax

  4. Mene moja žena uhvatila i sada mi je velika podrška spavamo skupa u spavačicama i skupa se odjevamo i ljepo uživamo

  5. My ex-girlfriend caught me online dressed as a woman. She left me ..

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