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Wanting to be Seen

Crossdresser wanting to be seenI have been a crossdresser from as far back as I can remember. The more I dressed, the more I wanted. I started out with my mother’s pantyhose, then I found an old tube of red lip stick, I began wearing the lip stick when ever I wore the pantyhose. I grew up with two older sister’s & watching what they wore every day made me want to wear their clothes.

By the age of thirteen, I had a stash of my sister’s clothes, shoes, makeup & some jewelry hidden in our basement, I would wait until everyone went to bed then go to the basement & get dressed up, then I would sneak out the back door & walk around our town.

When I was sixteen, I loved being seen when I was dressed as a girl, I wanted to look just like a girl. One day my parents told me they would be away for the weekend, my sister’s also had plans & would not be home until Sunday night, this set the stage for my first time out shopping for girly items.

My sister’s went together where ever they went, so that left my other sister’s car here, as soon as everyone was gone, I went upstairs & took a bubble bath & carefully shaved my whole body. After I dried myself I went to my sister’s room & put on panties & a matching bra, I then polished my toes a bright red & when they were dry, I put on a pair of suntan pantyhose.

I put on a pink sweater then I found a pair of my sister’s jeans, they were perfect, the legs stopped a good bit above the top of my ankle, leaving a good three inches of my pantyhose covered ankle exposed plus they had rips all over the legs, people could easily see that I was wearing pantyhose. I put on a pair of black flats then went over to my sister’s makeup table.

I wore eyeliner, heavy black mascara, some pink eye shadow & I found a bottle of pink nail polish which I polished my fingernails with. I finished up by spraying myself with perfume then took my sister’s car to the K mart store. I loved the looks I got while looking at makeup & pantyhose but the best looks I received were from the cashier, she even asked me why I was wearing what I was wearing & I told her because I wanted to be a girl. I will never forget that trip for as long as I live.

Submitted by Joanne Watters

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