Victoria Álvarez

crossdresser Victoria in corset and pantyhose
Name: Victoria Álvarez

Location: Texas, USA.

How long you have been crossdressing: Ever since I remember basically . I remember wearing mom’s lipstick for the first time when I was only 5 years old.

Say something about your crossdressing experience: For me is just bringing that girl that is part of me to take control of the day. We all have different masks over the day or the week. The boss-mask, the parent-mask, the professional-mask… well some people have a girls mask… or maybe the boys mask is the mask itself.

Reason you crossdress: For me I think bugs bunny was a huge inspiration. I mean it!!!! I always got arou-sed (not sexua-lly ) when bugs transformed himself into a gorgeous looking lady bunny. I wanted to do just the same!


Photo Gallery:

Victoria crossdressing in orange bodycon dress

Victoria dressed as woman

Victoria crossdressing in ruffle skirt and tights

Beautiful crossdresser Victoria carrying black handbag

Victoria crossdressing in pink dress and heels

Beautiful Crossdresser Victoria

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  1. If I could look half as beautiful as you as a woman. I would be living F/T as the woman I should have been born.

  2. Love your smile

  3. OMG! I feel the same way about Bugs Bunny!

    Also, you look flawless!

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