Crossdresser Vesna Prague

▶ Femme name: Vesna Prague

▶ Location: Prague / Czech Republic

▶ How long you have been crossdressing : I know I started at the age of 6 or so, though the memory of that is fuzzy at best. But it really started right around the cusp of puberty.

▶ Say something about your crossdressing experience: For me, crossdressing is not a sexual issue. It helps me to demolish some of my stereotypes about who women / men are and what their roles should be in society.

▶ Reason you crossdress: To be honest, I am often confused about my feelings and I do not quite know what they are or what they mean. Perhaps I am transgendered, and subconsciously want to be a woman? I think I am unable to give you a clear answer.

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