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Very Passable Male to Female Crossdressers

Very Passable Male to Female Crossdressers
A thing that is usually common with most crossdressers is the desire to look very feminine and passable as a girl/woman. There are a lot of resources that are now available to crossdressers than it was before. There are variety of makeup products, body shaping products, tutorial videos, wide range of outfits to choose from depending on different body shape & sizes and even crossdressing studios which offers amazing male to female transformation services. So, crossdressers now can really invest in their looks & attain a more feminine & passable figure.
But there are also crossdressers who have been gifted with feminine looks & figure naturally and some who have mastered the art of male to female transformation with skills & dedication. Not only do they look very passable, but honestly look quite beautiful than most genetic girls and women out there.

In this article, we have featured some of the most gorgeous crossdressers who are very passable male to female crossdressers.

Crossdresser Denise Leone
Denise is a stunning crossdresser from Italy who started to crossdress at the age of 10. She describes her passion is immense for crossdressing and loves to take photos and go out in public as a girl.

Crossdresser Jenny London
Jenny is a gorgeous crossdresser from London, UK who loves exploring here alter ego “Jenny” and likes to crossdress discreetly. She enjoys trying on different outfit, taking photos, socializing with other girls and also clubbing.

Eva Joyce
Eva is a fabulous crossdresser from Saint Peterburg, Russia. She describes her reason to crossdress is because its a variation of art for her and loves expressing herself in a feminine manner. She loves to go out shopping, take photos and going out for parties.

Nicole Crossdresser
Nicole is a stunning crossdresser from London, UK. She describes her crossdressing experience as a wonderful thing which  has made her more understanding of different people from all walks of life. She loves girl’s clothing & accessories and feels amazing when she is dressed up.

Crossdresser Melania in high heels
Melania is a fabulous crossdresser from Rome, Italy. She started with crossdressing at Carnival party in a club and was impressed with the response of people that night. She then decided to explore the world of crossdressing and started to do it more frequently. She believes crossdressing is an expression of a part of her and finds it always very fascinating.

Adri Kiss
Adri is an elegant crossdresser from Hungary. For her, striving for feminine perfection matter a lot and she likes to feel as feminine and beautiful as possible. She describes that crossdressing helps her to escapre the stress of daily life and the urge to wear women’s clothes is very strong for her. She loves taking photos of her in different outfits and styles.

Crossdresser Jessica Qin
Jessica is a super cute crossdresser from Canada. She considers herself to be a fun loving amateur in the field of crossdressing. She describes her reason to crossdress is because it makes her feel sexy and its a lot of fun to dress up.
Crossdresser Dakota
Dakota is a very attractive crossdresser and she is also a professional makeup artist. She is from Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA. She shares that she has been crossdressing since a very young age and feels wonderful to fully embrace herself and experiment with different looks. She says Fashion has been the first reason that she got into crossdressing and second reason is she has gender dsyphoria about her male appearance and crossdressing has really helped her to hold that down and feel like herself.

Crossdresser Jessie
Jessie Clarke is a fabulous crossdresser from London, UK. She describes her crossdressing experience started out as a curiosity for weearing tights but it quickly unleashed her inner girl. She loves to dress frequently and expressing her femme side.

Holly Jones
Holly is a stunning crossdresser from Lincoln, UK. She describes her reason to crossdress is because she loves to feel feminine and have many choices of looks she can create. She likes to takes photos and relax at home while enjoying being feminine.

11) Laura
Crossdresser Laura
Laura is a gorgeous crossdresser from Germany. She usually likes to crossdress at home but she also likes going to bars and parties at times. She describes her reason to crossdress is because its like releasing her true self. She says she always felt more feminine than masculine and believes its a great opportunity to express herself the way she wants to.

12) Valerie Lust

Crossdresser Valerie Lust
Valerie is a beautiful crossdresser from Singapore. She says she is addicted to wearing pretty dresses and stockings. She describes her reason to crossdress is she uses crossdressing as an avenue of escape from reality every once in a while.

Vivian Boonstra is charming crossdresser from Holland. She has been crossdressing for more than 25 years and loves to experience the world through the eyes of woman.

Klaudia is a gorgeous crossdresser from Greece. She describes that crossdressing has been an amazing journey and has given her the opportunity to meet some of the most amazing people she has ever met. She feels that through Klaudia, she can express more casual, sensitive and fun side.

15)  Rosanna 

Crossdresser Rosanna
Rosanna is a lovely crossdresser from Bristol, UK. She says she is still mainly in the closet and have only been fully dressed at makeover services. She says she loves being girly and feminine and being able to feel sexy.

Crossdresser Hollie
Hollie is a lovely crossdresser from South Carolina. She describes that crossdressing has taught her a lot of things like overcoming anxiety, putting oneself first and understanding women in her life. She loves to practice makeup, walk to bars, take pictures and dance.

Tina Martini
Tina is a ravishing crossdresser from Australia. She has been crossdressing for 48 years which is incredible. She describes that becoming Tina is a heaven for her, a complete escape. She loves to look glamourous and is also a live crossdressing performer.
Crossdresser Carla
Carla is a glamorous crossdresser from Madrid, Spain. She describes crossdressing as the best sensation in the world and she loves to feel feminine from time to time.

Crossdresser Jay Berry
Jay berry is a gorgeous crossdresser from Plymouth, United kingdom. She describes that crossdressing makes her feel attractive and gives her a lot of confidence. She loves using makeup & wearing girl clothes is really fun.

20) Leebomi

leebomi crossdresser
Leebomi is a beautiful crossdresser from South Korea. She loves dressing up as a woman and going out in public. She says she has a huge interest in pantyhose and loves wearing it with miniskirts.

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  1. I wish I could meet some of you…….

    1. Me too

  2. I am so happy that I stumbled upon this site! Thank you for sharing, ladies! 😉

  3. I marry all of them I am a crosssdresser to and really enjoy it but I am not as good as you stunners

    1. Id marry them too

  4. I wish I could look as good as these women I have been cross dressing for more than 30 years and I still can’t look like them

  5. I love wearing women’s clothing. wish I had someone to share my fantasies with. for now just do it alone. wonderful pictures, very exciting and fun. thanks for posting

  6. Some of the girls are absolutely fabulous 💋 love to chat to them all

  7. I’ve all ways been attracted to feminine beautiful cross dresser but thay sow hard u to o find

  8. Me encanta travestirme hace tiempo que lo hago pero no llego ni por asomo a la belleza de estas chicas

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