beautiful crossdresser in blouse and floral skirt
Femme name: Venessa

Location: Mexico

How long you have been crossdressing : 20 years.

Say something about your crossdressing experience: After telling my wife we’ve been discovering my femme side a lot more and it’s been such an amazing experience..

Reason you crossdress: It feels great to be a woman. And the female body is so beautiful. Oh, and so much variety when it comes to super cute and sexy clothing 😉 .

Things you like doing after getting dressed: Love to go out for walks, dancing and flirting with boys in the clubs.

Your Favorite outfits/ style: Summer dresses.


Photo Gallery:

crossdresser in public

man dressed as woman

crossdressing in public

crossdresser in floral bodycon dress

hot crosdresser in black dress

crossdresser in floral skirt

crossdressing in public in blue dress

male to female transformation

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  1. You are beautiful, keep it up would love to take you dancing

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