Valentina Valentine

Crossdresser Valentina
Femme name: Valentina Valentine

Location: London, UK

How long you have been crossdressing : more than 10 years.

Say something about your crossdressing experience: Being a straight male performer in the adult industry I always had an interest in hair and make up and dressing up to see how it would feel being feminine without being judged by the adult industry. 10 years ago you would have been been ridiculed or people would be calling you all sorts of names and wondering if you were gay or something.

Today it is now acceptable for the adult industry to have Trans performers and for guys to perform with them. Imagine that lol !

Gender Expression is a behavior, an interest and having the mannerisms to be be feminine or masculine for me personally. I don’t live to dress up 24 hrs a day. I do it for fun, pictures and obviously to feel sexy wearing whatever you choose.

Reason you crossdress: Simply for the sexiness of being able to wear lingerie and sexy outfits. Because it’s satisfying and gratifying that I can transform to more than just being a male and being able to express being trans fluid or feminine.

As a athletic male in society we are not free to walk the streets, beaches, enter malls, restaurants or gyms in anything other than what we have been brought up to wear being a caveman or a beer drinking football str8 jock. There is no playground other than online with our socials and content. No middle earth or holiday resorts that caters for such a thing. Imagine that as a destination.
Welcome to Sissy World Resort!!

I love how women can wear a skin tight gym outfit that shows all their outlines and breasts almost bursting out of their sports top but yet a guy would be causing obscenity if he wore tight sports leggings parading around the gym simply because he has a bulge everyone can see.

Things you like doing after getting dressed: As a performer I sit down and edit all my pictures. I don’t walk the streets in my local town lol.


Photo Gallery:

Crossdresser in bodycon dress

male to female crossdressing

mature crossdresser

man dressed as woman

man transforms into woman

man dressed as woman

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