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Trying On Panties Was My Awakening

I was timid growing up, and I have always looked feminine. Yet, I always acted masculine around everyone. I did not know what I wanted in my life, or what was missing but I knew something was.

When I was finally old enough to move out on my own I had went shopping and saw these super cute panties. They caught my eye and told me to buy them. I was scared to buy them at the store, so when I got to my place I went online and bought some. A few days later they arrived and I slipped them on, it was an awakening for me.

I decided they had to match with something, so I bought a bra, then a dress. That soon turned into multiple clothing items. I began shaving my body hair, and learned to apply makeup. I took the leap and bought a nice wig, and once I was ready and placed the wig on my head Billie was born.

I had it all on, I felt and looked so pretty. I took another leap and stepped outside and went for a drive. I wasn’t brave enough to step outside in complete public but I was out there. I still continue to dress up whenever I get the chance. I do not think I will stop, nor do I feel I should. The feeling I get when I have it all on is just thrilling and worth every second.

Submitted by Billie

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  1. it might get to the point like it did with me where i couldnt face going back to boy clothes so i stopped wearing them , if it does just accept it you will be much happier

  2. I’m a crossdresser I’m afraid to go on public no body nows about this I love all of lingere

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