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Tina Martini – CoverGirl of the Week (March)

Crossdresser Tina Photoshoot Featuring the fabulous & talented crossdresser Tina Martini from Australia as our CoverGirl of the Week for March.

Some words by Tina:

“Hi, I’m a mature crossdresser who came out to close family and friends only 7 years ago. I’m obsessed with clothes, fashion, makeovers and music, and I also have a live David Bowie tribute act called ‘Androgyne Genie’ – if you know his music you’ll get the pun – and I have mastered 53 of his songs by heart on guitar and vocals.” – Tina

Click here to read Tina’s full interview

Photo Gallery:

Crossdresser dressed as Air hostess

Crossdresser in bodycon dress

man to woman transformation

Crossdresser in pleated skirt

Hot crossdresser

Crossdresser dressed in military uniform

Crossdresser wearing Jumpsuit

crossdresser makeover

Check out Tina’s Links:

Flickr: @tinamartiniweeny
YouTube Channel: @TinaMartini
Instagram: @tinamartiniweeny

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