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The Urge To Crossdress Was Just Too Strong

The Urge To Crossdress Was Just Too StrongI found out at a very early age that I was supposed to be born as a girl. From the first time I put on my mother’s pantyhose, I knew there would be no stopping my desire to dress as a girl. I grew up with two older sister’s which made it easy for me to have access to clothes, shoes & makeup.

I would wait until everyone went to bed then I would sneak down to our basement where I kept my sister’s things & I would get dressed up & sneak outside & walk around the town. I don’t know how but I never got caught dressing as a girl.

When I was 20 years old I met my wife, I thought everything would be alright, boy was I wrong. Having all of my wife’s clothes around, pushed me into a whole new level of dressing, all I did was dress up as a girl, I began wanting to look like a girl all of the time.

I grew out my hair & fingernails, I started keeping my body completely hairless, I had my ears pierced & my eyebrows plucked really thin & highly arched. I started sleeping in nightgowns & began wearing panties, bras & pantyhose every day under my work clothes.

My wife got sick of me being dressed as a girl 24/7 & divorced me. I moved back home with my mother where I continued to dress up. I couldn’t fight the urge any longer, I needed to let my mother see me as the girl I so wanted to be.

I got up one day & I just knew this was going to be the day where my mother was going to get to meet her new daughter. I spent the day getting ready, I  plucked my eyebrows into two pencil thin lines with a high, feminine arch to them, my hair was a head full of curls & my fingernails were a half inch past the end of my fingers.

Anyone who would have seen me would have never had guessed that I was really a boy. I waited until my mother went out in the back yard to hang up her wash, I grabbed my purse & walked downstairs & into the living room, I sat on the sofa & crossed my legs like the woman I appeared to be.

I opened my purse & got out my red nail polish & began giving my nails their sixth coat of polish. I felt so normal sitting there dressed as a girl, any bit of doubt I had about letting my mother see me dressed as a girl quickly left, I couldn’t wait for my mom to see me.

I finished doing my nails & I decided to walk to the kitchen & look out the back door, maybe my mom would look up & see me standing there, that didn’t happen but I did see that mom only had a half of basket left of clothes to hang up. I walked back into the living room & waited for my mother…

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Joanne Watters

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  1. That must have taken an awful lot of courage, how did it turn out? I ask as I’m just about to set out on my crossdressing journey at 56 after supressing the urge (mistakenly) for nearly 40 years as I thought I had to conform to stereotypes.

  2. I am crossdresser

  3. great story , my wife love to see me dress as Sally

    1. My gf too would love me to dress 24/7 and she has brought this subject up many times and it really turns me on very much.

  4. The end of the story was missing, how her mother reacted when she saw her dressed..

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