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The Secret Life

my secret life - crossdressing story

Like most crossdressers, I began enjoying wearing panties at a young age. I would sneak a pair of my mom’s or aunts when at my grandparents house. My aunt is only 5 years older than me, an Oops for my grandparents.

Occasionally I would dress on mom’s clothes when I was home alone. As I grew older I always loved the feel of panties on my body. After I got married I would sneak panties from my wife’s drawer and eventually told her I enjoyed wearing panties. Unfortunately, that didn’t go over well, so back to wearing them in secret.

When she would go out of town I would dress in her prettiest dresses and skirts and enjoy being a girl for the time being. Eventually I got the nerve to fully dress for her one day – in a dress I bought for myself and panties and bra I borrowed from her.

I didn’t have a wig nor know how to put on makeup so none of that. Once again, not a great experience. Over time she has allowed me to enjoy panties and we each had a side of the panty drawer. We have now found panties that we both like and we share our panties together.

I still have to sneak around and wear lingerie and her clothes when she is out. In fact, I am writing this on one of her exercise skirts now. I wish I had feminine features and could pass as a woman. I would love to dress up and go out sometime.

Submitted by Jasmine

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