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The Pleasure of Being a Crossdresser – Camila Briz

crossdresser Camila BrizRafael, 34 years old, has been a crossdresser for over 28 years, even when he still didn’t know the reason for his desire to dress up as a girl: “I started to dress up at the age of seven. The word came only later,” he says. He has impersonated Camila Briz for more than 17 years. The beginning was at home, picking up shoes from the sisters or trying on a pair of tights. Suddenly, the game turned into a passion.

During his adolescence, Rafael still didn’t know what he would like, as he identified with the masculine gender, but he was fascinated by dressing as a girl. Internet searches on the terms drag queen or transvestite didn’t fit what Rafael wanted to live. “When I discovered the word crossdressing, I identified with it,” he recalls.

male to femaleAt the age of 16, Rafael started creating characters, and Camila was soon born : “Briz is a surname I invented. The name Camila made me feel like a powerful woman,” he says.

The lifestyle behind the crossdressing

man crossdressing at home

Rafael says that, on a daily basis, he uses neutral colors. In general, he is more discreet. Married and with children, he does not hide Camila’s existence from his wife, but she chose not to experience this experience with her partner. “On my A side, I identify as straight, but when I’m Camila, I’m bisexual, and that’s when I want to be with a man and a woman,” he reveals.

crossdresser with girls

Some challenges are part of the routine. The main one, he recalls, was having the courage to walk into a women’s clothing store, like Rafael, and try something on. “In the beginning it was challenging, but today I go in, try on and say that the clothes and shoes are for me”, he shares.

Also, having a dividing line between side “A” and side “B” can cause some confusion. “Before, it was more separate. He put on the wig and it was Camila. But these days, I’ve been wearing Camila’s clothes a lot more. I believe today is more fluid,” he reveals.


Finally, for people who want to try crossdressing, Rafael believes that this is the best time, as society is more receptive. “In that body, you can do anything. Everyone should try it, it’s the most amazing thing there is,” he concludes.

man dressed as woman

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  1. Sorry for the offtopic, it’s just a question. Is it common to have pleasure in crossdressing and identify myself as straight? I dont feel atracted to men, even whem I am dressed and feeling myself a woman…

    Thank you!

    1. Yes, it is quite common actually. Many crossdressers don’t feel attracted to men.

    2. I’m a married heterosexual male, love, love, love crossdressing but am not attracted to men at all, although I love to look at photos of beautiful transexual women – I admit they turn me on.

    3. when I 1st dressed I did so out of curiosity & didn’t think I was attracted to men but then I was caught fully made up & dressed by a guy who I knew, & I have to admit seeing the large bulge in his jeans I knew we were both turned on. & Shall I just say I wasn’t disappointed even though it was my 1st time with a man, both nervous & excited at 1st but when he left I was feeling pleased with myself,

  2. Thank you again!

  3. I totally agree. Being “en femme” is such a wonderful feeling. As Rachel. I’m very attracted to, and enjoy being with, men.

  4. I totally agree. Being “en femme” is such a wonderful feeling.

  5. Love it!

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