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The Most Realistic Breast Forms is Finally here – Divine Collection HERA Ultimate Self-Adhering Breast Forms

Breast Forms are getting more and more popular among crossdressers and Tgirls nowadays since these products help to instantly enhance the feminine figure and also the femme experience. There are different types of breast forms available in the market according to quality, shapes, sizes, looks, feels, etc. And then there are premium breast forms that offer a bit more than normal breast forms.

So far, these premium breast forms could also be categorized into two main categories, breast forms that look more realistic and breast forms that feel more realistic. But that has completely changed now.

The most realistic breast forms is finally here. Divine collection, one of the finest manufacturers of breast forms, after spending over 2 years designing, has just launched a new innovative design breast forms, called the HERA Ultimate Self-Adhering Breast Forms, the first-ever breast forms that LOOK AND FEEL 100% real.

Divine Collection HERA Ultimate Self-Adhering Breast Forms

Divine Collection HERA Ultimate Self-Adhering Breast Forms

We were able to pre-order the new HERA Ultimate Self Adhering breast forms from The Breast Form Store. After they arrived in our office, we were very excited to try them out. Straight out of the box, we were super impressed by the level of innovation and realism in these breast forms. They felt extremely soft, bouncy, and the skin-like finish looked and felt so realistic, unlike anything we have ever experienced in any breast forms before.

Divine Collection Manufacturing process

HERA Ultimate Self-Adhering Breast Forms are handcrafted in Canada by skilled artisans to create the ultimate design in realistic breast forms.

Made from Lifelike silicone skin with Liquid/solid silicone hybrid filling, the soft, realistic feeling silicone moves, bounces, and jiggles just like natural breasts.  Also, with a realistic, skin-like finish, the breast forms blend into the body quite nicely and create a stunning cleavage,  just like real breasts. The Hera Ultimate Self-adhering breast forms are packed with incredible features that have certainly set a new benchmark for breast forms.

The Hera breast forms are naturally self-adhering (attachable) and they can be worn while going completely topless or with a bra. The adhesive strength of these breast forms is surprisingly strong and it feels very secure while wearing them. The new self-adhesive backing creates a more natural feeling when worn with a non-pocketed bra.

Another feature we really liked about these breast forms is the Make-up safe design which means they are perfect for skin tone matching. This means you can use makeup on the breast forms (if needed) to match your body’s skin tone for the most natural look imaginable.

There are still many features to talk about in this incredible product. The HERA Breast forms are also safe to sleep design which has been possible with the Divine Collection’s Breakthrough technology. So, this means these breast forms are quite durable and can be worn for 24 hours or more. Also, this unique design is swim safe, and push-up bra safe.

Additional features:
Warms to your body for the most natural experience, Nipples can be customized, Can be worn with all types of bras, Tapered edges blend to your body for the most natural transition to your body, Unique “no-membrane” skin means Hera breast forms cannot burst, Ultra-realistic nipples and areolae look and feel so real, Additional adhesive can be used for extended hold.

Check out this Video about HERA Breast forms !

Now, let’s talk about price. The Hera Breast Forms start at $599.95 and can cost a bit more depending on the different options that you choose while ordering. So, overall this does make it somewhat more expensive than other breast forms available on the market.

But considering the fact that the Hera breast forms are premium breast forms made from the finest quality materials, hand crafted by a team of artists, and packed with so many amazing features to provide the ultimate femme experience that no other breast forms can match, it is a great product to buy.

Our Recommendation: We found The Divine Collection Hera Ultimate Self-Adhering Breast Forms simply incredible. It is definitely the most wonderful & realistic breast forms that you can buy right now. So, if you are someone who wants the best quality breast forms that offer the ultimate femme experience when it comes to breast forms, then this product is for you.

For people with a lower budget, we would still recommend to consider this product from a long-term perspective and get this product rather than wasting money on low-quality breast forms that will surely not meet your expectations.

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  1. I’ve been cross dress since I was 10yr old, started by stilling close from the girls on my naborhode, and from my mom.

  2. Me to I took my big sister and mom’s clothes from the of 12

  3. I’m a secret crossdresser no matter what I do the compulsive urge to wear satin, wigs, makeup etc. is like a powerful tractor beam I can’t fight now it’s crechendoed into needing to be christened as a woman.

  4. I’ve had the older ones for 6 years now , the newer softer ones look amazing will order soon.
    Love how I can sleep in them my older ones have lost some of the self adherence lately but they have been well used so I expect the new ones to amazing

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