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The Look, The Feel, The Satisfaction, The Need for Help

Crossdressing storiesI’ve been dressing since I was 12 years old. It all started with trying on my mom’s bathing suit that was hanging in the bathroom. Words cannot describe how I felt when I put it on. Many of you probably know exactly what I am referring to.

Time passed and I began to venture into my sister’s room to wear what she had worn to HS for the day. That included skirts and sweaters, you name it. At the time, it was a perfect scenario.

Years passed and I didn’t even consider dressing…although, deep down, I longed for it. Finally, I got an apartment on my own and I ordered a dress and heels from Wow! It felt amazing to feel the fabric cling to my body and see how unreal my legs looked with with high heels on.

Unfortunately, I never found the courage to tell anyone about my secret habit. That secret is still with me today. I have been trying to figure out a way to explain it to my wife, because I believe that she is capable of enjoying my alter ego with me.

This was a few weeks ago with a little help from the Faceapp. I was wearing a bridesmaids dress that my wife wore at her sister’s wedding. I know that I shared a lot and that it may not be what some of you have been looking for, but I’m stuck. I feel that for me to grow as a person, I can’t hold it in any longer.

Any advice is greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance!



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  1. your wife would problably be more mad u didn’t tell her than the fact u like to dress. run it by her as a joke and see how she reacts is suprising how many women are actually into that. just don’t make her feel like she is competing with your alter ego

    1. I almost got caught by my wife. She thought I was cheating on her and left me. I explained to her a few years later. She told me because of me ,I ruined her life and to never talk to her again. Would have loved for the fairy tale to work out and have her love me being me. But doesn’t always work out. Wish it did. Still love her.

      1. Apologies Amber if my English is not so good.
        Because a similar experience, I can perfectly understand your point and sadness.
        After discovering my crossdressing, my wife was always afraid about me having any kind of relationship. It almost destroyed her inner peace and deppely affected our lives. I was completely honest and explained her that I was not into any kind of sexual relation, but nothing helped ever. A couple of years after that she was diagnosed with cancer and died 3 years later. My regrets and guilty became infinite.
        Six years after she passed a way, I have been living the saddest stage of my whole life. Recentrly , I just have started to understand that we are only responsible for what we do, not for how other people understand and react towards we do… how this reflection help.

  2. Melissa. Best of luck with your wife. You look beautiful

  3. I was 12 years went try my mom’s bra panty slips pantyhose and high heels and makeup. And I dressed up for Hallween in women’s clothes and sometimes after church dress up in my room

  4. I was 12 years went try my mom’s bra panty slips pantyhose and high heels and makeup. And I dressed up for Hallween in women’s clothes and sometimes after church dress up in my room.

  5. Feeling blocked by not beeing to expand your feminine side means openning to your wife, it’s true but go step by step. You can present it to her by asking her to buy you lingerie at first. In a lingerie store, you pick a pretty night gown and tell her she could offer it to you?


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