The Crossdressing Experience : The Lifestyle Behind the Desire

The crossdressing experience Crossdressing refers to a common phenomenon in society and, in short, is nothing more than the behavior of wearing clothes of the opposite gender. For the individual who practice crossdressing, it is necessary to compose their self-esteem, whether every day or just occasionally. In general, there are no rules.

Usually, the word crossdresser is confused with transsexuality, but there is no connection between these two categories”, explains Marcos Santos , a psychologist specializing in sexuality at the Sexo sem Dúvida platform .

It is worth remembering that, despite being linked to the BDSM environment , the experience is not necessarily sexual, although it is often inserted in the fetishes of an individual, or some couple, or of a partner. And regardless of culture or gender. “It is simply the person adept at the practice of dressing, manifesting and using props of the opposite sex. The individual feels good to make use of it”, continues the specialist.

He points out that there are no rules to follow, and being a CD ( crossdresser ) doesn’t force anyone to live all day that way. “It usually happens to married men with children, who present themselves as straight. In most cases, the wife knows”, he details. To understand this universe, Pouca Vergonha listened to those who live this lifestyle.

The crossdressing experience

In the crossdresser experience, there is no need to perform body changes such as, for example, hormone therapy or the use of silicone.

In addition, contrary to what many think, the crossdresser person does not use the opposite gender props to only feel aroused. Being a crossdresser is just another subjective way of expressing sexuality in society.

Another important point to be elucidated is that most crossdressers have a male gender identity, that is, they do not feel like women. In fact, many have wives and girlfriends who support and help them in the productions.

Crossdressers are not crazy or should be “cured”. It’s just human beings expressing themselves.

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