The Breast Form Store Hosts “LIVE SESSIONS” for Crossdressers

Live sessionsThe Breast Form Store has recently started hosting “Live Sessions”, where they go LIVE on their official Instagram page @thebfstore. In these Live sessions, Eden and Haileigh from The Breast Form Store, talk about many topics related to crossdressing, Provide reviews & demo of products, and also give useful tips for crossdressers.  What makes these Live Sessions unique is that viewers can join in and ask questions.

These Live sessions are a great medium for crossdressers who want to learn about the latest crossdressing products, and also gain knowledge on how they can enhance their feminine image & persona.

Join Eden and Haileigh on @thebfstore to catch them LIVE having  conversations on topics related to crossdressing items/products/tips. Some of the recent Live sessions topics were related to wigs, what it means to be a certified breastform fitter, the Athena breastplate, and the Divine Collection next to perfect items.

Here are some of the recaps of their Live sessions.

(1) Wig wearing master class – In this episode, Haileigh and Eden talks about Wigs – How to wear wigs, the different styles that are available, how wigs are made, the quality vs the cost, and how to choose wigs carefully.

Wig wearing master class

Full episode:

(2) Pheromones and Stay Dry Spray Product  – Haileigh and Eden have a chat about two of their favorite products: Pure Instinct Pheromones (which help inspire desire and femininity and are a secret superpower), and Divine Collection Stay Dry Sweat Barrier Spray (helps with keeping skin dry under breast forms or even for setting makeup).

Pheromones and Stay Dry Spray Product

Full Episode:

(3) Certified breast form fitter – Haileigh and Eden talk about how they become certified, how The Breast Form Store creates their unique breast form fitting for assigned male at birth bodies, and answer some questions from viewers about Aphrodite breast forms! They also provide a lot of helpful tips and tricks for wearing breast forms and making sure you’re getting exactly what you want.

Certified Fitter

Full Episode:

(4) Athena Breastplate: Haileigh & Eden talk about the Next-to-perfect breast forms, and what it’s like to wear an Athena breastplate!

Athena breastplate

Full Episode:

(5) Divine Collection : Eden and Haileigh talk about great deals with the new Next to perfect sale on Divine Collection breast forms prosthetics!

next to perfect breastforms

Full Episode:

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