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That Crossdresser Who Visited Me

crossdresser in fishnet stockingsMy name is Sam and I have been working as a writer for the past two years.
Everything was usual when a lady came to my office and asked me if I could write about her idea. She introduced herself as a crossdresser, and said that she was actually a he.

Surprised as I was, I said “Yes” and let her be. After she left, I read her idea through and through and something felt not right. The part just before the character got into crossdressing seriously felt vaguely similar. But I didn’t think about it much.

I was a really famed writer in the city, and I wanted every feeling to be depicted in the writing. So, I went to a crossdressing community office and asked them if I could meet someone.

“Well,” said a receptionist. “They’re all at the dock.”

I didn’t wait, I just rode on my motor bike over there and got one of them to talk with me.

“Okay,” I said to her. “What was that feeling?”

“We all have that feeling,” said she. “But, if you want yours, you will have to dress up.”

I wanted to say “NO WAY!” but I left silently.

At home, I finished some writing projects and finally decided to write the story. Just before I started writing, I decided to google images of crossdressers. When I saw some, my heart was racing. Should I? Should I?

I decided to give it a try. I went to a store nearby and bought some female stuff. I bought a red dress, some matching make up, and a black smooth hair wig that was really expensive. I watched some make-up tutorials and I tried it out.

After everything, when I went in front of the mirror, I swallowed hard. I felt as though I was attractive, hot, and as if I could take out the world. As if a missing piece of my life had been filled.

Then I remembered. On the first 10 years of my youth, my sister used to dress me up. But my mother started prohibiting my sister to dress me up and because I was “growing up.”

I haven’t written the rest of the other story yet, because I have been crossdressing “seriously” for the past 2 months. Now, I’m getting some free time so I’m completing it now.

And by the way, just wanted to let you know that I changed my name from Samuel to Samantha. And now I’m living in a paradise as a girl all because of that crossdresser who visited me.

Submitted by Samantha Roberts

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  1. Cngratulations

  2. I discovered I like crossdressing just a few months ago. I started to have sex with a long-time female friend, and she told me it was a fantasy about sex with a crossdressed man – who should act and behave like a woman. Why not? Well, I think I just liked it more than she did.

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