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That Crossdresser Who Visited Me

crossdresser in fishnet stockingsMy name is Sam and I have been working as a writer for the past two years.
Everything was usual when a lady came to my office and asked me if I could write about her idea. She introduced herself as a crossdresser, and said that she was actually a he.

Surprised as I was, I said “Yes” and let her be. After she left, I read her idea through and through and something felt not right. The part just before the character got into crossdressing seriously felt vaguely similar. But I didn’t think about it much.

I was a really famed writer in the city, and I wanted every feeling to be depicted in the writing. So, I went to a crossdressing community office and asked them if I could meet someone.

“Well,” said a receptionist. “They’re all at the dock.”

I didn’t wait, I just rode on my motor bike over there and got one of them to talk with me.

“Okay,” I said to her. “What was that feeling?”

“We all have that feeling,” said she. “But, if you want yours, you will have to dress up.”

I wanted to say “NO WAY!” but I left silently.

At home, I finished some writing projects and finally decided to write the story. Just before I started writing, I decided to google images of crossdressers. When I saw some, my heart was racing. Should I? Should I?

I decided to give it a try. I went to a store nearby and bought some female stuff. I bought a red dress, some matching make up, and a black smooth hair wig that was really expensive. I watched some make-up tutorials and I tried it out.

After everything, when I went in front of the mirror, I swallowed hard. I felt as though I was attractive, hot, and as if I could take out the world. As if a missing piece of my life had been filled.

Then I remembered. On the first 10 years of my youth, my sister used to dress me up. But my mother started prohibiting my sister to dress me up and because I was “growing up.”

I haven’t written the rest of the other story yet, because I have been crossdressing “seriously” for the past 2 months. Now, I’m getting some free time so I’m completing it now.

And by the way, just wanted to let you know that I changed my name from Samuel to Samantha. And now I’m living in a paradise as a girl all because of that crossdresser who visited me.

Submitted by Samantha Roberts

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  1. Cngratulations

  2. I discovered I like crossdressing just a few months ago. I started to have sex with a long-time female friend, and she told me it was a fantasy about sex with a crossdressed man – who should act and behave like a woman. Why not? Well, I think I just liked it more than she did.

  3. I like it your story

  4. As the infamous Iggy Pop once stated “I’m not ashamed to dress ‘like a woman’ because I don’t think it’s shameful to be a Woman.” Personally I love the bold message Iggy was putting out into the world to read,interpret,judge,choke on,be shocked,woken up,intellectually stimulated to a new contruct or methodology of mindset. I believe in this world as having an infiniti to grow,understand uniqueness and diversity as everyday concepts and socially acceptable as much as everyone having the right and freedom of expression without predjudice or unlawful repercussions as a result of ignorance,political misinformation and scaremongering by the elitist aging ruling class(whom I’m praying to the lord,that aging overlourde class would just f***ing die all at once so the world could finally be free of the oppressive yolk holding it back from attaining a real progressive momentum forward towards the realities of a united “World Peace”.

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