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Tessie Wood

Crossdresser Tessi

▶ Femme name: Tessie Wood

Location: Russia

How long you have been crossdressing : 45 years

▶ Say something about your crossdressing experience:  I’m Tessie Wood, a long time crossdresser. I am male but the urge to take on a female persona is so strong and overpowering that I have to become Tessie. I love feeling like a beautiful woman. I love pretty dresses, high heels, beautiful make-up. I try to look as sexy and convincing as I can. I dress for the fantasy and the Art. The transformation process from drab male to a sexy feminine lady has always been a thrill for me. Oh God am I over 50 *sigh*!

Reason you crossdress: Tessie is my second self. For me, this is relaxation from everyday life.

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Crossdresser Tessi Wood

Crossdresser Tessi Wood

Tessi Wood Tessi Wood

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  1. You are gorgeous Tessie, and don’t look at all as a 50 years old lady… You look much younger and stunning! I identify very much with what you say, being myself a long time crossdresser too, also over 50 years old… *sigh*!

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