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Taylor – Covergirl of the Week ( November )

Featuring the Fabulous & Stunning  ” Taylor ” as our Covergirl of the Week for November.

Some words by Taylor:

” Hey I’m Taylor, I’m a crossdresser from the UK, and I love it! I’ve been dressing since I was 14 and have loved every minute of it. I see myself as somebody who can do both, love my life as a guy and then crossdress to express my feminine side. I’m also super addicted to fitness which is pretty obvious if you’ve ever been on my social medias.”

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Crossdresser Taylor


Crossdresser Taylor

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  1. very sassy and cool

  2. You are very beautiful Taylor. Love you in that pink skirt.

  3. I love the fitness aspect of him/her. It reminds me of one of my favorite models named Priscilla Saurous whos a female body builder.

  4. adoro ( suppongo che sia un pantaloncino ) bianco e nero

  5. Completely cute and gorgeous ^_^

  6. Hi baby I love your sexy pink outfit baby

  7. So sexy love the silver dress ♥️

  8. I think your very beautiful would love to find out if you ever been with a man.

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