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Taking It Too Far

Taking It Too Far Crossdressing StoryI married my ex wife at 19 yrs. old, she was aware of my cross dressing but really was not interested in it, I would dress up while she was at work, at least that’s how it started out. When I seen all of the clothes she had, it was like, my dressing up took over my life.

I started out getting caught by my wife when she got home from work, from there it went to, I never went any where with my wife, I would stay home & dress up, any time I was at home, I was dressed as Joanne.

After a while, my wife started complaining, she even told me that, if I didn’t stop dressing up, she was going to show our family & friends all of the pictures that I had of myself as Joanne.

Just to start a fight, I told her to go ahead & show everyone, my wife got real mad, she jumped up & said, “you want to be a girl, I am going to make you a girl , ” she had me lay on my back on the floor, as she sat on my chest, she then started to pluck my eyebrows.

When she was finished, she let me up & sat me in a kitchen chair, there she proceeds to pierce my ears, she told me that, one day next week she would be taking me to have my shoulder length hair cut & styled into a girly look.

The following week she was true to her word, when I looked in the mirror, I didn’t think my hair looked too girly but my eyebrows were just two, super thin lines with a high, feminine arch in them, which did make my face look like a girl.

When we got home, my ex told me to look in my dresser drawers, I opened the drawer & inside were panties, bras & pantyhose, I checked another & inside were nightgowns, she came into the room & told me that all of my male clothing is now at the salvation army, she said, now I can dress as a woman every day for the rest of my life, she said she didn’t care because she was leaving me, she said she needed a real man, not a sissy.

Submitted by Joanne Watters

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  1. Loved your story..!

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