Crossdresser Tabea
Name: Tabea

▶ Location: Zurich, Switzerland

▶ How long you have been crossdressing : Since 25 years, started to learn my makeup routine 10 years ago.

Say something about your crossdressing experience: During the first years it was all about exploring feminine clothes. After some years I started to work on my makeup skills and finally found time to get dolled up in female mode on a regular base.

During the last couple of years, I had some amazing experiences to do some professional photoshoots in different places. In addition, I had some outdoor adventures too, like meeting like minded crossdressers to share some thoughts about our special world.

▶ Reason you crossdress: The amazing selection of clothes and the endless possibilities to style. For me its all about to get into a completely different role compared to my usual male life. My goal is to become an authentically woman as much as possible when i get myself ready for a makeover.

▶ Things you like to do after getting dressed: Experimenting with photo shootings on my own, relaxing at home, meeting other girls outside.

Your Favorite Outfits/Style: I really love the elegant and classy looks, especially the more exceptional outfits, like ball gowns or bridal gowns

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Photo Gallery:

man dressed as beautiful woman

crossdresser in public

Spanish crossdresser

male to female makeover

crossdresser from spain

male to female transformation

Crossdresser in gown

beautiful crossdresser

crossdressing in public

Spanish crossdresser

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  1. Wow, you look incredible Tabea. Love all the pics.

    1. Thank you very much, appreciated to hear that!

  2. You are absolutely gorgeous. Especially love the baby-blue ball gown! 🙂

    1. Thanks a lot! I have to say, those ball gowns are a weak spot for me, i just love those “cinderella like” combinations to show some princess vibes on my pictures. Obviously its not the only ballgown in my warderobe you may imagine. 🙂

  3. Tabea, what a nice photo-album! Your goal “to become an authentically woman as much as possible” is reached. Tabea, if your ‘portfolio’ did not mention “to get into a completely different role compared to my usual male life”, I’d easily accept the idea that your are the congenial socialite of the whose-who of the Zurich society and spouse of an opulent banker. This is what your images inspire: which is of a refined trophy wife who is well educated, tasteful and with the strength onto which your lucky husband may confidently open-up and repose. In fine, ‘une rare épouse et femme idéale’.

    Please, let us play a little: let me ‘imagine’ you are ‘la femme d’un grand banquier international’. May I? I’m sure that you don’t mind, since the cross-dressing is a semi-reality representing both unfulfilled desires as well as full fledged attained realities. So you don’t mind a few lines(?), my dear Madame (“Banker”), familiarly called “Tabea” by friends and entourage?
    Cross-dressing for your case is real for the environment into which you pose so naturally, as well as by the variety of the sets. You are in the interior of your home, some pictures are also taken in the outside, even into your private apartments showing you sitting sage and desirable onto your bed. All that is all real because by its obvious at home relaxation, as well as your perfection with which you pose indicates your true lifestyle. This is for the tangible part of the fantaisie. The mysterious part is who is Tabea? Does she live by herself? is she longing for a man? The images, and the profile inclines to either may-be, or may-be-not think so. In all case Tabea is ‘la bourgeoise discrète’, very chic who wishes to have her privacy respected. Further inquiry about her life is rude. This images, indicate a researched harmony of all the different colors of the ensembles. The prevailing delicate ‘summer tone’ of the colors is an indication of a sweet person.

    Here is my sister’s little compliment,
    XOXO, M-M

    1. Hi Marie-Madeleine

      First of all, thank you so much for your very kind and detailed words!! I have to be honest, i did not expect such a reaction here for this post. I’m glad to hear that you like my small selection of pictures, a collection of one of my best experiences i made so far as a woman.

      Crossdressing or the “role” as a woman is an important passion for me, but with all the preperations for makeup, hair, nails and taking pictures it is quite time-consuming, as i normally do all the stuff by myself. I would love to get it done more often, but with work and other stuff its just not that easy.

      If you want to get to know eachother a bit better, feel free to write me a DM on my instagram or facebook account. 🙂

      XOXO, Tabea

      1. Dear Tabea,
        Your invitation to write privately on other social channels, is warmly welcomed, as could be an invitation to the private lodge by an artist following her performance. Thank you, the invitation is acknowledged, but should I leave the main public hall towards more revealing intimacies? Please do take my own reservations as more than shyness. The “to become an authentically woman as much as possible” has been reached, so it is a risk at taking a chance at breaking the fantasies.

        As Marie-Madeleine who had previous femme names since early teen-aged ‘girl’ until maturity, throughout the in of ups & downs of either joyful or painful moments, Tabea, you understand.
        Please allow me, before departing, to dwell upon this common dream we all sisters share, which is to emulate the ideal woman who has alas become nearly extinct. The women such a our mothers are no longer, aren’t they? Those protective mothers, to whom every doors would open, to whom the severe Principal of all private schools would suddenly become all mellow and full of indulgence for the ‘rebel’. Those beautiful women, whose rich wardrobe were totally denude of manly cloths. I never saw my mother in pants, until she became “modern” when my dad left her for a dancer.
        Tabea, I give this side personal recollection, in order to explain the root cause of this inner desire to maintain what has been lost. The cross-dressers, for many are unaware that they are acting as a living memory capsule of the extinct specie of the ideal femmes. In a certain way, there is form of heroic militantisme towards a lost tradition of the real woman who draws her power through feminine seduction into the most honorable manners, which is to serve a man, by keeping him noble and strong.
        Is this ideal, that, we all, cross-dresser sisters attempt at maintaining irremediably lost? No. I give you a live example Tabea: My nieces: They ‘do not know’ of my adventures, but have followed my (undeclared) ‘militantisme’ through ballet singing and acting. Both are intelligent and natural for performances. One in particular, in society, always plays the part of the occasion to near perfection. This particular one recently, as a hostess for a large convention, did dress-up as a ‘Pan-Am Hostess’, that is the perfect dress-suit and heels, a practical bun-hat and the obligatory banana-bun hairdo. The works! The organizers of the said convention were delighted… to have at last a presentable woman to the aging convention attendees.

        That say, dear Tabea, we must depart. May be our lives may make us meet again.

        XOXO, M-M

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