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Jorge Chacon boy to girlPeople’s definitions of gender expression have shifted over time and nowadays, a person is able to express themselves more openly than ever before. A great example is Jorge Chacon, who is a TikTok and Instagram star/model who loves flaunting himself in feminine/ androgynous looks, and considers that clothes and style do not have a predefined gender.

Jorge Chacon tiktok star

Jorge Chacon has over 4.9M Followers on TikTok and 320k followers on Instagram. He is a Style icon for a lot of people and has become quite popular over the years for his bold fashion sense and not being afraid to wear outfits that are considered feminine or only for the opposite gender. Jorge has great androgynous features and his ability to express himself in both masculine and feminine looks so comfortably is even more incredible.

Most asked question to Jorge: Which pronouns do you prefer?

” You can call me He/She/They and for me its exactly the same. If you are being respectful it is okay. Now, I want you to know I am speaking for myself and how I feel about it. I am not pretending to enforce anything. Remember all realities are different just as valid. That means if you do not know how to call someone, You should ask them what pronouns are. Always from respect and love, we can build a better world.” – Jorge

male to female transformation

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TikTok: @jorgechacon

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Jorge Chacon

Jorge Chacon


Jorge Chacon

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