male to female transformation
Femme Name: Stefi

Location: Florida

How long you have been crossdressing : about 20 years.

Say something about your crossdressing experience: Well I kinda have a split personality when it comes to that. When I dress up I’m like total girl, like my mind switches. I love makeup, jewelry, shopping, guys etc. When I don’t dress up, I’m like so opposite of all that. Kinda weird but I guess I’m just like that.

Reason you crossdress: I dress up because it’s in me and there’s that total girl that has to come out.

Things you like to do after getting dressed: When I dress I usually get in front of a camera, mostly friends take the pics. Some selfies.

Your Favorite Outfits/Style: Anything with tight jeans or jeans shorts. I have a jeans/denim fetish for sure. Oh and super high heels.


Photo Gallery:

man dressed as woman

crossdresser in leggings

crossdresser in boots

crossdressing in shorts

crossdresser in mini skirt

crossdresser in high heels and leggings

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  2. I’m in largo let’s go out to eat and see if we like each other

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