Stacy Cross

Crossdresser Stacy

▶ Femme name: Stacy Cross

▶ Location: West Yorkshire UK

▶ How long you have been crossdressing : Since I was 7 yrs old, after teen yrs and life getting in the way, married and then divorced, it was this when I really started to exploreas its, always been under the surface ,….. Dressing seriously 5/6 yrs now.

▶ Say something about your crossdressing experience:
Was dressing in house not confident enough step out, I never thought I’d ever step out in the big wide world but with practice with make up, and after buying outfits, wig, my confidence started to grow, and the question got bigger…. Could I pass dressed, I started walking my local park in the dark with my dog…. Nervous about seeing my neighbours…. Again after a few, weeks, my confidence grew…..
One Sunday, when dressed I decided just to go for it….. I went to the cinema, a little bit nervous to say the least, this first time, walking to the cinema from the car park, I passed a group of girls, who looked back at me and started Laughing, made me ask the question how to improve, what did I need to work on….. It was too late, I smiled and carried on…. Forced myself to talk to counter staff purchasing my ticket, snacks, drinks etc…. I did more and more of these small trips, went out to a bar with a book, sat down with a glass of wine I’d bought from the bar….. I raised the attention of a full table of ladies, when going to the ladies room….. As I walked out of ladies, all eyes from the table were on me…. I casually walked back to my seat….
I learnt a lot from these experiences, and now venture out without fear.

▶ Reason you crossdress:Part of who I am from a young age, I remember being 7, I went to my elder sisters room, and asked her if I could try on her 1st Holy communion dress, as big sisters do, she zipped me up in it…… But cruelly, wouldnt take me out of it until I showed rest of my family, 2 brothers and my mum and dad…. Always under the surface from a young age.

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Crossdresser Stacy Crossdresser Stacy


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  1. Hello from another West Yorkshire crossdresser. I admire your courage and bravery… good on you girl, I wish I was in your position

    Cheryl xx

  2. Hi Stacy.
    I can relate to much of your story.
    Love your confidence to get out there and enjoy being you.
    Fabulous in the pictures too.
    Stay lovely x

  3. Hi Stacy, love your sincere words and your courage. I am myself in the transitioning process, looking to to enhance feminine features and suppress the masculine ones, which needs patience and training. And money…
    Welcome to Helsingborg if you feel like a Nordic outing 🙂 Or a simple chat.
    Hugs, Alexandra

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