Stacie Kent

mature crossdresser
Femme Name: Stacie Kent

Location: Gravesend, England.

How long you have been crossdressing : I’ve been dressing since I was 15.

Say something about your crossdressing experience: I’ve come out to friends and family now and my life has changed for the best now.

Reason you crossdress: I do it for a stress relief.

Things you like doing after getting dressed: I love taking selfie to see how I look.

Your favorite outfits/style: Love classy outfits.

Where do you buy your clothes/makeup/shoes from: Newlook, Esta lauder and Justfab.

▶ Instagram: @staciekent1

Photo Gallery:

man to woman transformation

man dressed as woman

man dressed as woman

man to woman transformation

male to female crossdressing

crossdresser stacie

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  1. All these girls look fantastic especially Stacey from London.
    I have been crossdressing since I was in my early age of about 8-9 but as the years have gone by every day is a girls day infact I get so moody when not dressed as Becky Marie.
    Nice to see all these lovely girls.

    1. I started crossdressing early helped by my sister

  2. Stacey you look Absolutely Amazing love Becky Marie Plymouth UK

  3. Stacie, you are a truly gorgeous looking girl and it would be so wonderful to
    meet with you and have a good chat about all things-over a drink or lunch say!
    I would so love to have that opportunity.
    With Love Antonia XXXX

  4. Thanks for the comments xx

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