Sloan Wolf

▶ Name:
Sloan Wolf

▶ Location: Central US

▶ How long you have been crossdressing: I have been dressing for about 7 years. I just started doing it more frequently in the last year.

▶ Say something about your crossdressing experience: Starting out, I felt guilt and shame about dressing but with the support of my wife and me realizing that I actually look sexy and authentic, I have been able to enjoy it more and more with out the feelings of guilt and shame.

▶ Reason you crossdress: I love looking in the mirror and seeing a sexy version of myself. The only time I have ever felt sexy is while dressed. Women’s clothing is also so much better than men’s and I would argue is way more comfortable.

▶  Things you like to do after getting dressed: Like most crossdressers, I take a lot of pictures and share them on social media. I also love to go out and shop while dressed. The positive looks and compliments that I get always make me feel great and boost my confidence. My highlight is when my wife and I can go on dates while I’m dressed. She loves it and I love it. We definitely turn heads when we are out together.

▶ Your favorite outfits/style to wear: I love legs and hosiery so my legs are typically out for all to see. I have been exploring different looks and styles lately. I love a sexy dress but am kind of settling into a style that is sexy casual. I like wearing graphic t’s with tight shorts/skirts and tights with a blazer or jacket. I love a good pair of heels as well.

▶ Where do you buy your clothes/makeup/shoes from: Everywhere… SHEIN, Amazon, Ross, Nordstrom, Thrift Stores, Ulta, etc.

▶ How long does it take you to get ready: It takes me about an hour to get ready.

▶ Instagram: @thesloanwolf

Photo Gallery:

mature crossdresser

man dressed as woman

mature crossdresser

mature crossdresser

crossdresser in mini dress

sloan wolf

crossdresser makeover

mature crossdresser

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  1. Dearest Sloan-Wolf,
    You’re so beautyful!
    I’m enjoying to look at your photos! Thank you for sharing them!
    see you on Instagram (Anabelle X)

  2. You’re a very sexy person. You’re do lucky to have the support of your wife.

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