Shona Jones

Dressed as a girlFemme name: Shona Jones

Location: Essex, UK

How long you have been crossdressing : I’ve been dressing since about 19, but before that I would steal my mum’s tights!

Say something about your crossdressing experience: I grew up in a matriarchal household but we were all brothers. I didn’t have much confidence to speak to girls I guess. I think the Cross dressing thing grew out of thinking, if I can’t get a girlfriend, I’ll be a girl!

A girl I had a crush on ( she was Sarah Kane the playwright) told me I’d look great in a dress. I never acted on her advance, I was too shy I was about 16. I think she kind of read me. Anyway she later came out as lesbian, sadly she is no longer around. It kind of planted a seed in my head.

I’m pushing 50 unbelievably. So I’m in the mature Cougar phase of my life! I dressed up when I was a student in my own, looked awful! Then I began nervously going out to dressing services such as Transformations in Euston. That was a bit sad.

But I have great memories of the Boudoir and Imageworks run by Pan and Alison Dale. She’s so gorgeous. When that closed after Pan passed away, I didn’t know where to turn. For a while I dressed at the House of V, run by Australian dominatrix Domina V, now Violetta de Rose.

She saw me dressed in my maid Cossie and invited me to come for training, I think it was through Fetlife. That was a big thrill. The realization of a big fantasy for me. And she really did make me work! But there were some benefits lol!

Finally when Domina went back to her native Australia I contacted BWBG run by Cindy Conti. I cannot recommend her highly enough. She is very patient and a lovely person. All my makeovers are her work, she is incredible.

I’ve just been recently and dressed as Alice In Wonderland! I had a ball! She made me look gorgeous. I love the magic of cross dressing and being someone else, a girl, it is incredibly fulfilling.

Things you like doing after dressing up: I like being a guy too, but maybe in another universe and time I would be trans. Part of me would have gone for it…but hey I’m happy as a boy well boy/girl.

If I’m dressed at home I like to relax with a glass of wine and watch TV with my partner who is very understanding, although yes went through some heartache about Shona. I am very lucky, even blessed maybe.

She realized when I’m dressed as Shona, she could get me to cook her meals, hoover, tidy, do the washing….so she uses it to her advantage. Once she worked that out it all clicked into place. I’m the housewife now lol!!

Facebook: @Shona_Jones

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Boys will be girls

Crossdressing as Alice in wonderland

boy dressed as school girl

man dressed as woman

man turned into woman

Shona Jones

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  1. A very sexy girl. I enjoyed reading about her.
    She has a great figure and a pretty face. I’m sure many real women would envy her looks.
    Stunning x

  2. What a gorgeous BBW. I’m sure she gets a lot of admirers. Very open and honest. I would love to take her out on a date and be honoured to have her on my arm .

  3. I am in need of a new maid in the Bristol area. I think Shona should get in touch with me!

  4. I just see the woman in you. Love the older cougar housewife type if that’s not too offensive.
    Coffee sometime- then dinner later?
    My treat. Wear your best dress and heels . Then shopping the next day, some lingerie for you perhaps?

  5. What a stunner bbw.

  6. Sexy girl

  7. Dinner? A movie? Then your place or mine?

  8. Gorgeous girl x be my wife

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