Shenzou Hatsumi

Crossdresser Shenzou

Femme name: Shenzou Hatsumi

▶ Location: Australia

▶ How long you have been crossdressing : Since I was a child.

▶ Say something about your crossdressing experience: It all started when I was a small kid. I saw my cousin twirling a skirt but there I was wearing a plain boring shorts and I couldn’t twirl the way she did. Everytime I saw her, she would be wearing something pretty and I would be envious. I would keep thinking of how it would feel to wear one of her dresses and how would I create such a situation where it wouldn’t be awkward to ask one of her dresses.

A particular scene I would constantly dream of was I’d be in my cousins house and I’d get wet in the rain when playing out in the field. As there would be no one else whose clothes would fit me, eventually I’d have to wear her clothes. But unfortunately, that dream never came to fruition and stayed a dream. So, I kept finding a way to wear a dress or skirt of hers and fortunately one weekend she came over to stay with us. She left her bag full of her clothes just laying about in a room.

When it was dinner time, and everyone was busy I quickly ran to the room, searched her bag, found a skirt and put it on quick. My heart was beating so quick but as I slid it on..Oh it felt so free, so comfortable, so lovely. I was hooked on it. Sadly, the experience lasted only a few minutes as I was scared to death and also my mum was calling me out for my dinner. And that is my first crossdressing experience and how it all started : ).

▶ Reason you crossdress: Crossdressing has been a wonderful experience for me to explore my inner female persona and I get better with it every time as I keep going. I still have a long way to go but every time I dress up it grants me a sense of accomplishment and happiness. Whenever I feel down, it helps me cheer up. In short, I’d say I crossdress because it makes me happy.

P.s. why should girls have all the fun 😉

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Crossdresser in black dress

Crossdresser Shenzou in red skirt

Crossdresser Shenzou

Crossdresser Shenzou

Crossdresser Shenzou

Shenzou Hatsumi

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