Sandra crossdresser

▶ Femme name: Sandra

▶ Location: Bern, Switzerland

▶ How long you have been crossdressing : It started as I was in puberty. I stole lingerie and shoes of my mother. Later when I was around 18, I started to buy my own collection of clothes and shoes. I only lived out my inclination secretly in my four walls. Just around 20 years ago I learned to know some other with the same habits and I started to go out.

First it was only a few times a year, in the evenings and far away from my hometown. Nowadays I go out whenever I have time and I’m even go for shopping in my hometown. I’m not outed but I don’t hide myself anymore. I enjoy my “woman time”.

▶ Say something about your crossdressing experience: I enjoy my time as a woman. I love to get threaded like a woman. Until now I didn’t have any bad experiences. I earned respect and I especially love if I get compliments from other woman.

▶ Reason you crossdress: I love women so much that I want to be self a woman. I love to wear makeup, skirts and high heels. I love to look sexy.

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Crossdresser Sandra in public

Crossdresser Sandra in beautiful dress and pantyhose

Sandra crossdressing in public in mini skirt

Crossdresser Sandra

Crossdresser Sandra

Crossdresser Sandra


  1. You are gorgeous Sandra!!! I am very jealous of your looks and confidence dear!!! I would love to have your stunning looks and ability to pass as a woman!!

  2. I too, have been crossdressing since puberty initially, by raiding my moms giant walkin closet..
    For some reason I have never been into makeup and have stayed locked in my closet.
    Your profile has inspired me to act upon feelings of restlessness that have been growing for quite some time. Its a bold step in my journey that is long overdue.
    Oh and you are beautiful and have a lovely sense of fashion.

  3. You are beautiful Sandra!! you pass as a woman 100% I love your style you look stunning very classy I like your shoes they are nice

  4. Hello Sandra,
    I like your style and feminity. Are you open to discuss about your crossdressing life?
    I have so many questions!
    Kisses 😘

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