Crossdresser Samantha in brown hair wig
Femme name: Samantha

Location: Paris, France

How long you have been crossdressing: I’ve been a crossdresser for nearly 4 years.

Say something about your crossdressing experience: I don’t crossdress so often but I’m very attentive about every details, I want to be as feminine as a cis-gender girl. Sensuality, self-esteem and femininity are very important to me; I admire women and I want to be admired as well.

Reason you crossdress: As a Genderfluid person, I need to feel feminine and live as the girl that I am inside some days. I always wanted to know what it’s like to live as woman, feel pretty, put a skirt /make-up / dress / lingerie / high heels!

I’m in love with girl clothes, that’s so fashion and you an infinite combination of styles. You also learn a lot about society and people when you explore both genders, I feel blessed to have the choice of who I want to be!

Things you like doing after dressing up: After dressing up I can stay at home and do my stuff or hanging out with friends, going to do some shopping, clubbing, go to the restaurant and all the usual things that you do every day. I also love taking pics and modeling for my Instagram account, that’s a dream to be a hot girl and inspire young crossdressers.

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Cute crossdresser Samantha in mini dress and boots

Beautiful crossdresser in black dress and heels

Cute crossdresser dressed as woman



Samantha crossdressing in red skirt and heels


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