Crossdresser Rubi in short dress
Femme name: Rubi

Location: Ellensburg Washington

How long you have been crossdressing: I’ve been dressing for 3 years now. I started dressing with dresses.

Say something about your crossdressing experience:I’ve notice my first year I was really excited how I looked but never knew I had more potential to learn from talking to other crossdressers. I feel from this day I progressed a lot and look back and see the difference. The best part is getting better with makeup and seeing how beautiful you could feel. I’ve notice fashion takes a lot in place for me dressing.

Reason you crossdress: Reason I dress is because of the feeling I get trying on new clothing and just looking at myself in the mirror thinking how can I get better and what parts can I grow on.

Things you like to do after dressing up: After dressing up I love taking tons of vids and pics. I also like dressing to upload new content for my followers who appreciate my experience and help me and compliment my progress. I just do so many poses while getting all angles with my pictures


Photo Gallery: 

crossdresser in front of mirror

crossdresser taking selfie

feminine crossdresser

Crossdresser Rubi

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  1. Love your outfits, I’m from the Seattle area.

  2. Love your outfits you look great.

  3. Love the look but one thing all you girls need to do is relax. I noticed in almost all of the profile pictures the girls are so tense ridged that your about to break. you girls don’t need anyone’s approval except your own. so just relax enjoy yourself and remember BE THE GIRL YOU WANT TO BE!

  4. Very beautiful and adorable young lady

  5. Adorable sweetheart

  6. I want to see you

  7. You look good or should I say amazing 🤩

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