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Popular Streamer F1NN5TER Explains Why He Started Crossdressing

Finnster crossdressingIn a recent interview with Know Your Meme, F1NN5TER revealed why he started crossdressing and dressing up as an e-girl character.F1NN5TER, also know as Finn, is a very popular English Twitch streamer and YouTuber. His original name is Jude and is best known for doing Live streams dressed as an e-girl character named Rose.

Finn dressed as girl

Here is what Finn said during the interview regarding how he got into crossdressing: 

“I am Finn, I am like every Youtuber, I started making Minecraft videos, and its taken a quite steep downwards spiral since then.”

“I started making Minecraft video since I was a young kid. I used to play on this server where the big YouTubers played, that started me into the idea of making Minecraft videos, because it was a completely foreign concept when I was 14 or something.”

“It got me my first thousand subscribers. I have expanded since then. I wasn’t trying to get an audience. I was just making videos because they were fun and that’s kind of how I’ve wanted to be since.”

“Basically  I had a friend that was really into Drag race if you are familiar with that like the show Rupaul’s Drag Race and she’d been asking to do my my makeup for a while. It happened so much in school, I was so used to it that eventually I just caved in and she went and I let her do it. Like full everything; dress, wig. Either way, when it was done, she really like it.”

boy dressed as girl

It was really interesting to see my face like that obviously. She said to me you look completely like a woman, you look so great and I was like, I don’t , I can see right through it. It didn’t really impress me quite as much as it impressed her. But to prove it right, we went on to Omegle and we made an video where we got everyone else’s opinions on it,  like we just got people’s reactions and then that turned into a video eventually because I thought the footage was quite funny.”

I edited it myself threw it upon a side YouTube channel and didn’t think much about it. It wasn’t on the main channel , no one would see it . I didn’t look like me so you know, it didn’t matter much and then for some reason it got like half a million views overnight.”

“I didn’t know what I was doing and I thought about streaming it on YouTube or something like that and someone brought it up to do it on twitch and I’d never touched twitch my whole life. and I had like relatively small Minecraft channel and that was it. I didn’t have a presence anywhere else.”

“I wanted to get used to the idea of streaming, I wanted to get better at it and that’s where I moved to twitch and it just suddenly picked up, like there was just some gap in the market and no one was doing crossdressing style content.”Finn in Omegle

“I guess I do look classy, no one knew for a while, like I was just sitting there when I started noticing 40 -50  viewers. Because people would scroll on twitch and see a thumbnail of a girl and they click on  it and you get a lot of reaction like Whoa! not what I was expecting there but like some girl playing.”

“When I did get big enough, it kind of crossed over. It was kind of hard to hide when you were getting like 400 to 500 views right at that point. It seemed like the split was like 50: 50 on  viewers that knew me and viewers that just knew me from doing this.”

“Even still to this day in my comments on Minecraft videos, its like this guy’s hair is getting awful long, his nails seem to be painted in most of these videos, should we be looking out for something , its like a Hannah Montana, you know I’ve got the very normal side, just a gamer boy making Minecraft videos and then just this weird thing on twitch that I’m doing .”

Finnster dressed as hot girl

“The Minecraft thing was like my career, it is still my career. So, I dropped out of school to do it. My family has always been really supportive and so I knew that if I told them about it they would be fine with it but still its an embarrassing thing either way to be like, oh hey my part of the job’s now is crossdressing on the internet, I hope you are fine with that okay, bye..”

“But the way I introduced it to my mom was I showed her a picture of me dressed as a girl and didn’t give her an inflation. I was like hey mom look at me, look how I look as a woman and she goes, ah, NICE.. and that was it and she was fine with it from there.”

Finn tells his mom about crossdressing

Finn tells his mom about crossdressing

“My dad found some of my girl’s clothes in the wash, in with my laundry , I guess this was even before he knew about this by the way.  He didn’t mention it to me out of fear of embarrassing me probably but he did tell my mom and he was like oh, Finn’s a crossdresser I think and my mom goes really? So, I found this in his laundry and his exact words that he said to mom was: at least he’s not boring. So, he was just cool with it, always has been cool.”

“People think its either great or at least like they think its cool and then there are people that are just straight up like the stereotypical homophobe , sort of thing. I think I have had it pretty easy because I am not trans, so, I don’t get any hate for being trans.”

Finn dressed as e-girl Rose

“I remember one comment was just like his nose is a little big and that was it. And that’s what bothered me. Someone could come to me with the worst slurs ever but it was just like this one thing, that’s what got under my skin.”

“At a certain point I might stop doing what I am doing right now. I am 21 now, for some reason I don’t see this happening at 30. It just doesn’t make sense in my head that I’d still be doing this at 30. 25 is probably gonna be the hard cut off. My thing is if I stop enjoying it tomorrow, I will stop doing it tomorrow. If I don’t find this fun, I am not gonna do it anymore.”

Photo Gallery:

finnster crossdressing as rose

UK crossdresser

Crossdresser Rose

Finnster crossdressing


Finnster dressed as school girl

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  1. Love her podcast it’s the only i love listening to just fucking love her, i wish i could look as great and feminine as she does, love everything about her ,her smoking hot look and that mouth omg to look the fucking hot and talk like a fucking sailor, she is the girl i always wanted to be.

  2. Very beautiful…🌹

    Wish I wasn’t in Florida right now… Lol😘

  3. He started out just like me, because of someone else. But with me, there was no YouTube, no Internet or cellphones back then.

    See I got started CDing because of girl (my girlfriend) in the middle of the 1980s. (Tells you I’m old a old dude now) Back then CDing was not accepted as easy it is now. Back then we would go out in public dressed. Most of the time people left us alone.

    There been a few times I have been beaten up because of CDing and I was once hospitalized from an attack.

    40 some years latter I still CD, but I don’t call it that today. To me its now just my clothes and I don’t try to pass or look female. As a matter a fact I wear a beard, don’t wear a wig or make-up and I look like a man wearing womens clothes.

    I don’t have to hide my true male gender. Today I can wear female clothing and still be a man. Today no one bothers me for my clothing choices.

    Goes to show how times have changed

  4. Stunning! Feminine. What a woman!

  5. I ain’t gay but I’d smash him. Damn he’s making me hard as fuk

  6. The first time I saw her dressed and she said, “my girlfriend dressed me like this,” I knew she was one of us. Raise your hand if you never “tricked” a girl into helping you get dressed the first time.

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