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Peach – Cute Cosplayer from USA

Cosplayer Peach

Peach cosplaying as KDA Ahri

Peach is a cute cosplayer from Texas, USA. He is 19 years old. He started cosplaying because he had been curious about what he might look like as a girl. So, he decided to try to cosplay his favorite female character Ochako. Now, Peach has been cosplaying for about a year and a half, practicing and picking up new skills.

Peach started posting on Reddit from early 2021. The positive feedback he received from Reddit inspired him to start posting on Instagram about a month later. He says he has acquired tons of love and support becoming part of an awesome community there.

Peach personally identify as a cis male cosplayer/femboy. Besides Cosplay, he is also interested in art, gaming, anime, and VR. He hopes that by improving and sharing his pictures, he can inspire others to pursue curiosities they may have and help make other people feel more comfortable in their skin.

Follow Peach on Instagram: @its_peachybunnn

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Cute cosplayer Peach

Cute cosplayer Peach

Peach crossplayer

Crossplaying as e-girl

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