Patty Deep

beautiful crossdresser
Femme Name: Patty Deep

Location: Austria, Europe

How long you have been crossdressing : I’m doing it now for about 4 years.

Say something about your crossdressing experience: I like how it feels when man handle me like a princess.

Reason you crossdress: The reason is that I like how I look like as a girl. And I love the feeling of nylons on my skin. I love heels.

Things you like to do after getting dressed: After getting dressed i like to post my outfits on Insta.

Favorite outfits/style: My favorite outfits are definitely lingerie outfits and short skater skirts.


Photo Gallery:

beautiful crossdresser

crossdressing in black dress

crossdresser in black top and fishnet stockings

crossdresser in stockings

male to female crossdressing

man to woman transformation

crossdressing as Marilyn Monroe

beautiful crossdresser Patty

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  1. I love to be crossdresser , one a feeling in
    My life

  2. Very sexy gurl

  3. I love crossdressing I want to be come a woman.

  4. Hi how are you .you are very beautiful. I would love to take you on a date if you’re single. I am a straight male though?

  5. You are one lucky girl, I bet the guys are queuing up to take you out

  6. I first crossdressed at 14 when I was alone in the house I would put my older sisters pants and tights on . now I love wearing stockings , suspenders , bra and skirts .

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