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Patrick Baston – Covergirl of the Week (October)

Patrick Baston

Featuring the extremely talented & stunning Patrick Baston as our Covergirl of the Week. 

Patrick is a makeup artist & also the founder of WOWman Makeover Service in UK. Patrick has been working in the beauty industry since last 8 years. He started dressing in drag at the age of 16 and made the natural decision to follow a career in makeup. After years of building experience working with many clients,  Patrick started Wowman to help people feel the most glamorous they’ve ever been.

Patrick’s Instagram:

Wowman Patrick YouTube Channel:

Wowman Website:

Photo Gallery:

Crossdresser Patrick Baston Patrick Baston

Crossdresser Patrick Patrick Baston Crossdresser Patrick Baston

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  1. Amazing, completely fabulous! 💋

  2. Patrick you are absolutely beautiful stunning looking. Xx sara, an irish tgirl.

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