Patricia Sanchez Monroe

Crossdresser Profile Patricia

Femme Name: Patricia Sánchez Monroe

Location: Madrid, Spain

How long have you been Crossdressing: Since I was a teenager. I am 47 now.

Say Something About your Crossdressing: “I usually go out shopping or parties with friends. I love dresses, heels and makeup.”

Reason you Crossdress: “I love dressing like a woman because I feel so good doing it. It does make me very happy.”


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Crossdresser Patricia

Crossdresser Patricia dressed as bride

Crossdresser Patricia

Crossdresser Patricia in white dress

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  1. You look wonderful. I love your style.

  2. Hola Patricia!
    Eres muy linda, y al ver tu perfil y tus fotos siento que somos parecidas, pues tenemos edades parecidas (aunque yo soy un poco mayor que tú… ;o))
    Me gusta tu estilo sencillo y muy femenino!

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