Nikki Klass

mature crossdresser
Femme name: Nikki Klass

Location: London

How long you have been crossdressing: Since childhood. It was tights that did it ! Then more underwear, socks in bras, more and more dressing up, just to kind of justify, make sense of the tights really ! Teenage years, I’d go and spend a night at my aunties’ (she wasn’t that much older than me) so I could hide some of her clothes in the bathroom and secretly dress up later.

Say something about your crossdressing experience: It was in my twenties that I started to find online forums and makeover services. I’d always wanted – and needed – to know and see how I’d look and feel completely transformed. I thought I’d look terrible and have it kind of exorcised out of my system, scratched the itch. But it didn’t.

The first time, I wasn’t sure, but I needed to try it again. On my third makeover, I had the reveal all in one go – and I cried ! I suddenly saw and felt everything that I’d been feeling in my life till that point. It had always been there – and was always going to be.crossdresser in publicI remember my first time outside and what a thrill it was. The very first time of hearing heels that sound of heels concrete – and they were mine. The feel of cold air up my skirt. A real feeling vulnerability, but also power maybe ? Going into a member’s club and finding other people seeing me dressed for the first time – the attention I got and the surprise at how that felt. I’d always thought of myself as straight, but to have men looking at me, clearly finding me attractive was a very, very heady feeling.

At this point it has definitely become a thing in my life. I wanted to do it more, explore it more, experience the absolute rush of how I felt, how I looked and how much I loved being out – clubs and meets. I started to do things dressed up that I would never do, or want to do ‘as a boy’. I was newly married and although my wife didn’t know the full details, she new enough to leave.

At that point I hated it, what it had down to me and the massive knock on effects through divorce. Another relationship came to an end because of it – and I realized then that it wasn’t what *I* was doing that was wrong but that I was with people who were wrong for me. I decided to embrace it, enjoy it and accept it all as just another part of me.Nikki KlasssThe next few years were the highlight for me. Nikki became fully realized. I found her look, her attitude, my friends. As a guy I have never felt attractive at all – though people tell me I am. Lacking in self confidence, wanting to be, but never feeling desired. But suddenly I was. It didn’t matter that it was men as much as anyone else – I know what it’s like to be turned on as a guy, what male sexual energy can feel like and to know I was making males feel like that was amazing. I was sexy, desired – and it felt powerful.

Rather than craving people saying yes to me, I was able to say no to them. I felt like Nikki was my superpower. I then had to learn how to realize that it wasn’t ‘her’ who had that, but ‘me’. I ‘created’ her, she was part of me – and so the confidence and power she had was something I needed to start to accept and realize in my own life. I think when I did that, I felt like ‘Nikki – Game Completed’ !

Since then I’ve dressed on and off. When I’ve felt like it. But I’ve also found my sexiness, appeal and confidence as a man, as part of a rounded whole. And I’m very grateful to Nikki for that.

Reason you crossdress: Honestly – I just feel really, really sexy.

Things you like doing after getting dressed: I don’t know if this is the place to fully answer that question!

Your favorite outfits/style: Whatever it is, it involves stockings !

Where do you buy your clothes/makeup/shoes from: Wherever sells my sizes. If I like the item too – bonus. I’m tall, and finding male things that fit me, that I also like, is hard enough anyway. So when I find girl stuff that I like and fits I tend to make that the core of my outfits. A few things I really love rather than loads of things I don’t. I have always said that ‘Nikki’ has a kinky side too – so *she* likes dressing up. It’s not that *I* like dressing up as a girl in a uniform, in latex – it’s that Nikki does.

How long does it take you to get ready: Couple of hours. Three max. If I’m going out I will always, always go for a pro makeover. I want to look my very, very best – and I don’t have the skills for that ! Bring tall I’m going to be looked at and so I want to make sure they have something good to look at 😊 Jodie at the Boudoir was my first.

Then the late Pandora, who made me cry tears of pure joy. Claire at TVAMC was a huge part of my growth and development of finding my look, confidence and style. Finally Alison Dale gave me the best two makeovers I’ve ever had, I felt like I never had before, or since. I’m so sad not to be able to have that opportunity now – and there’s a feeling that if I can’t look or feel the way she made me, I don’t want to do it again !

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mature crossdresser

Nikki Klass

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  1. If I’m ever in London…..

  2. If you ever want to uncross those gorgeous legs……I am right there for you baby.

  3. Hi Nikki! You won’t remember me (I was Katie then) but we texted briefly having ‘met’ online on another tv chat/site. That was 11/12 yrs ago but you inspired me to become the confident ‘girl’ I now am. Lovely to see you again-sexy as ever! xxx Gemma

  4. You look so gorgeous and sexy! And I loved all what you wrote… Thanks for sharing all those feelings!

  5. My god you’re stunning and definitely made something stir in me! You inbody sexiness I also love Stockings x

  6. Let’s see more of Nikki Klass. What gorgeous legs. Enough to turn on any man or woman.

  7. FCsn’t keep my eyes off you Nikki. You make me go weak at the knees.

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