Natalie Spice

crossdresser in sissy maid uniform
Femme name: Natalie Spice

Location: Chicago, IL

How long you have been crossdressing : As long as I can remember I would steal my sisters ballet to-to or want to wear her one-piece to the pool. So 20+ years.

Say something about your crossdressing experience: I think everyone should get in touch with their fem side.

Reason you crossdress: Part of me wants to transition, but I like my life as it is, so I crossdress instead.

Things you like doing after getting dressed: After getting dressed I like shopping, going out, and doing photoshoots.


Photo Gallery:

cute crossdresser in black dress

crossdresser in red mini dress

crossdresser in lingerie

crossdressing in black dress

man dressed as woman

beautiful crossdresser Natalie

crossdressing at office

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  1. Love your outfits. I wear stockings and sheer panties each day. My favorite outfit is shiny pant with a mini skirt and red heels 👠 I wear a black silk mini with a red lacy blouse. And I get plenty of looks at the park or mall My legs are long and very shapely. I have long sandy hair and I don’t need a wig. I’m a lovely cd and enjoy being feminine

  2. You are so sexy! I love your style babe. Love your shoes and sexy style .I am 36 how are you? love the hair on your arms so hot….;)

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