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My Wife Doesn’t Understand Me Crossdressing

My Wife Doesn't Understand Me CrossdressingMy story is a little different from the ones I’ve read here, they all have a happy ending but in my case it’s the opposite. It all started when I was around 6 years old and I put on my mom’s black panties and from there an addiction to clothes that I couldn’t contain.

After a few years in my loneliness, I stopped wearing women’s clothes but at some point I returned that desire to feel that feeling of femininity again and want to wear something sexy something like beautiful black panties, a black bra, black stockings and high heels Everything was going well, but things changed when I got married I thought everything was going to change but no, it was worse…

Since my desire to wear women’s clothes grew and my wife, being a woman from a conservative family, could not bear that her man would wear stockings and heels. Till a few years I was able to keep the secret of my crossdressing but one day everything changed when I wat at home, I was wearing a black corset with some beautiful fishnet stockings and a pair of high-heeled sandals that I bought at a local store. I was recording myself when she returned earlier than expected. I put everything away as quickly as possible and a feeling of fear and guilt took over me.

I did not do it for a long time again and after the years I returned to that feeling of wanting to dress as a girl. I bought many slippers, stockings and two dresses, one red and one black that made me feel very sensual with the stockings I combined them and how beautiful.

You could see my legs wearing the heels that I like so much. One night, when I got home from work, my wife had already discovered my hiding place and took out all the girly things. Her reaction was the worst I had seen in her after being married for so many years, she threatened to take it out on me and she did.

In this time, things calmed down and she does not accept this and for my part I try not to do it since she is my whole life. Only those rich and exciting moments remain in my mind in which I can still feel the softness of some stockings, what it’s beautiful to put on girl’s underwear and obviously the contour that wearing sexy heels gives.

The end.

Submitted by Guillermo

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  1. So sorry
    I made the mistake of not telling my wife before marriage
    Huge error
    Its hard for wives to see or tjink of their man in a feminine way. With society’s rules they cant understand that u are still the person they married with a twist
    I get it! I dont want her looking like a guy i m attracted to women!

  2. I told my wife a few years into our marriage and things were good for awhile then she didn’t like it anymore . I threw all my clothes out thinking it would be ok then a few months later I had to get more clothes now she is all good with and helps me out from time to time

    1. Well, hang in there. There are wives that don’t want to be a part of the feminine side of their men. It doesn’t mean they don’t love us—they just don’t want to talk or think about that side of us. It sucks but stay strong.

      1. Re: “they just don’t want to talk or think about that side of us”, Thank you for writing that. This exactly describes my wife. It’s a miserable feeling to not be able to share this part of me with her. She was curious in the beginning, but cooled off considerably and I remain deeply in the closet at home.

  3. I told my wife and dressed for her when we were dating. She said that she did not like or accept the idea but we would work it out. She said she did not want to see me that way now but after we were married we would work it out. After we where married her solution was that I could dress anyway I wanted as long as she did not have to see it. Well I am a family man and I am almost always home so I never get to dress. Over 20 years she has allowed me to wear panties and even bras sometimes but if she sees me in them you can see the disapproval in her eyes. We have never really worked it out. I told her when our kids move out I would dress however I wanted and she said I could but it would be less of a marriage at that point an more of the golden girls. Which made me very sad.

  4. I can relate so well with this right now. My wife of many years found a picture of me dressed again, and is now worried that I may have some physical malady. I wish she could understand that this is not something wrong with me, just my way of coping with life. I don’t do it in front of her, and find dressing as a way to relax.

  5. After many years of hiding my cross dressing from my wife, she at last consented to accept my wearing panties. She even helped me pick them out, satin high cut with a pretty lace trim. I now wear them 24/7 which helps alleviate my femme desires.

  6. I got caught after we had been married for sometime and I was at home cleaning the house and doing all the chores, so I decided if I’m a professional house cleaner I’ll dress like one but I had red lacey panties and bra a pair of short shorts and a party see through crop top which only covered the bra I padded my breast out and felt a total shut cleaning my masters home, I didn’t see hear or notice my mother in law had come over and with a spare key let herself in, she stood in the doorway and as I turned and saw her standing there I nearly seriously had a heaf attack my world as I knew it was over, with all my everything gone emotionally I slowly walked to the bedroom to change and cry she walked in behind me and asked in all this time why I hadn’t said anything to her and for obvious reasons I told her I never thought I would get caught after l these years then she asked me a question I will never forget she asked if I had ever worn any of her underwear and clothes I said no I only do my wife’s or my own bought and she said you have never wanted to see what underwear I put on and by now I had mental pictures but not the time to enjoy as I’m in deep trouble so I thought then she said am I not hot enough or sexy enough could I be for gilf, I nearly died again choking on my own breath, she had not had sex with her partner for years as he drinks a lot and is in no fit state to satisfy her anymore so my mother in law suggested we do this together dress up make up etc once a month and it will be our sexy secret, the first time we had our monthly girly night I was nervous but when we where getting Corey she made a move and I responded and she was amazing talk about pent up emotions it was the best night of my life and we have been doing this for a long time and I’ve explored my mother in law in many ways and I’ve managed to serve my wife as well I hope this never ends

  7. Its a shame shes so narrow minded by todays standards. All i can suggest is to try to get her with you both wearing pantyhose for fun in the bedroom. Explain and show her just how many straight guys are into it with their wife or girlfriends finding it a turn on also. Its worth a try!

  8. To me nobody can understand why we dress as women, it’s something within the us that awakens our feminine traits, for me it was curiosity why I 1st began dressing as a woman, i don’t know why but I began feeling envious of girls in minidress’s when out clubbing, the lure of wearing sexy lingerie & the evocative clatter CF me high heels was too great for me not to try it & the reality was I preferred my female persona as I felt happier & less anxious which is a good thing, fortunately for me there wasn’t a wife because as time went by I found myself more attracted to men once I was wearing a miniskirt & high heels more than I was attracted women wearing men’s clothes, but as I have said before we are all different otherwise life would be boring

  9. Thank you for your honest story. So many stories people write are complete bullshit, and nothing more than a fantasy. Your story I suspect is the reality for 90% of us. I’ve been married for 35 years, and my wife went along with my pantyhose fetish for a few years at the beginning of our marriage, but I could tell she was so disgusted that I just started hiding it again. I think she believes it just went away, but nothing could be further from the truth. She knows I have a bag in the closet with stockings, lingerie, panties, heels, and pantyhose, but I think she believes I haven’t looked in there for 30 years. Again, I appreciate the honesty in your story, and I wish you the best.

  10. Love being with a sexy TS woman in pantyhose and stockings with pumps ! — dates ! Dinner movie with drinks ! Like to get to know you better !

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