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My Supporting Girlfriend Feminized Me

My supporting girlfriend feminized me - crossdressing story

All started at the age of 12 years, taking a bath at my aunt place, I never had any erec-tion before. My cousin just went out of the bathroom and forget her wet panty in the bathroom on the floor.

It was my time to take a shower, as I enter the bathroom, the panty was as if calling me. So I took off my clothes and went straight forward to wear that wet red panty. Suddenly I got my first erection, with knowing what was going on. I panicked, what I had done !! I push that thing down but no way of getting it back to normal size.

But it was so good to wear that panty under my shower , it was silky, soft and fit to my waist as my cousin was only one year elder than me and more skinny. After more that three minutes in panty I decided to get out of the shower and put that erected thing down in my short.

That experience I repeated more than a time, till now.

15 years later I still wear panties, take my cousin bra and some dresses as well to wear, now I buy from shops pretending it’s for my girlfriend. I wear them when at home at that my girlfriend is out for work as she is a air cabin crew. So I have enough time to wear my lingerie and even hers.

One day my girlfriend, told me that she would like to dress me like a girl. Eventually I was against but my body and mind were excited. We have a very open life.

So, the day came, when I was taking a shower, she opened the door and told me by surprise that I need to wear this!!, it was a red panty, a pair of Bra and a fine lingerie. I was horrified from outside and at the same time more than happy to final be what I wanted.

Very shy and don’t know how to walk, I got in front of her, who was waiting for me with a wig and her make up stuffs in her hand, ready to give a make up and dress me up. I told her that I don’t wanna do that and am not going to wear all these feminize clothes. Then, she told me if not, she will tell my friend and families about me hiding woman clothes in the garage.

I did not know what to do, am finished, she came across all my feminized clothes, make ups, panties and bras from the garage.
I didn’t have any alternative to tell her the truth about my desire to live like a woman and even go further to tell her about living in a lesbian couple.

I love and dream of being a cute lesbian. , but was afraid to come forward to express myself. Very few people will understand that, she looked at me with a blank expression and I said to myself that am caught and she will tell everyone and she will break my dreams, desire and fantasy about being a lesbian woman.

After some 5 minutes, she came out of her shock with a smile and was angry with me for hiding for long my desires and ask me to promise her to tell her everything I want and that she will support me. I was so happy to hear such good thing from her that I jump into her arms like a little doll and kissed her everywhere. Afterwards I realized about my doing than I calm down, blushed and shy and excused myself for not telling her my secret about myself as we are so open each and other.

Then she said, now it’s time to dress you up give you a whoop make up and pamper u after all. I was very shy during my make up and she slapped my butts and looking straight at me when doing so. I blushed more and felt shy when she did that and she behave as we were a real lesbian couple, hold me hard and hold back my wig firmly and kissed me on my lips like real lesbian.

We went to bed sleeping like two real woman. We say everything is memorable for the first time, this one is more than memorable. The next next she removed my make ups and dresses, relief that thing in my panty, then I went back to work.

Some weeks later she came from a flight from London, this time she dresses me up very nicely and this time it was early in the morning, then she said that she will take me out for my first ride as a woman. I was afraid and very terrified about how I will talk and people will not notice About my dresses, make up and myself!!. She pretend to be my dominate partner and insisted to go with her as she has a big surprise for me afterwards.

I was very shy but had no notice to decline the trip. She tucked my dic-k tightly behind and make it look flat like a girl when wearing panty ,dressed me up and went out in her car to the north of the island, where we went to a market, food court and went shopping underwear and woman clothes for both.

She looks really enjoying my companion like a woman and I am honored to have a girlfriend like mine. Sometimes she slapped my butt and make me feel shy and tease me when some handsome men were passing bye. I was aroused all day.

At the end all the day everything was wonderful and we had a very good time together, not to say the best time ever for me as a woman in public. Nobody saw anything wrong or noticed about my crossdressing. It was wow!

Arriving home, she brought me on the bed. Then she tightened my legs,hands and presented me a strap-on that she brought on her previous trip and whispered in my ear that now it’s her playing time.


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