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My Supporting Girlfriend Feminized Me

friend dressed me as a girlAll started at the age of 14, taking a bath at my aunt place. My cousin just went out of the bathroom and forgot her wet panties in the bathroom floor.

It was my time to take a shower. As I enter the bathroom, I saw the panties and I couldn’t stop staring at it. So I took off my clothes and went straight forward to wear that wet red panties. As I put it on, I felt a strong sensation in my body. Suddenly I got my arousal, with knowing what was going on. I panicked, what I had done !! I push that thing down but no way of getting it back to normal size.

But it was so good to wear the panties and I decided to get in the shower while having it on. The panties was silky, soft and a good fit to my waist, as my cousin was only one year elder than me. After more than three minutes in the panties I decided to get out of the shower and it felt amazing.

That experience I repeated more than a few times after.

15 years later I still love wearing panties, cute dresses and feel as feminine as possible from time to time. Now I live in my own apartment with my girlfriend. I dress from time to time and my girlfriend knows about my crossdressing. She just doesn’t want me wear too many of her stuffs, especially her undies & bras.

So, I buy my own things online. As my girlfriend is an air cabin crew,  I have enough time to wear my lingerie and even hers sometimes.

I started posting my female pictures in social media under a new account ” Melissa”. I got many friends request and it was nice to connect with other people who loved dressing up & being feminine.

One day my girlfriend saw my female account in Facebook. I hadn’t told her about the account. She saw all those photos I had posted  and was taken by a bit of surprise. She came to have a talk with me about it and we discussed quite a bit.

She eventually told me if I really felt happy doing it, she won’t stop me but I really needed a proper makeover because I wasn’t looking right in my girl pics. Then she told me that she would  help to dress me properly like one of her girlfriends. At first I was a little shy but I agreed. It was great that she was so supportive.

So, the day came, when I was taking a shower, she opened the door and told me that I need to wear this!!, it was a red panties and a lace Bra of her.  I was a little nervous from outside but at the same time more than happy to finally dress up in-front of my girlfriend.

I put them on and then I got in front of her. She smiled at me and  showed me a lovely hair wig and her make up stuffs.

Then she said, now it’s time to dress you up . She started to do my makeup and when she was finally done, she  was surprised with the transformation. She kissed on my lips and I blushed. Then she took out a black mini dress form her closet and told me to put it on. It was quite memorable.

It was amazing to get in her dress and be glammed up like that. When I looked at the mirror, I couldn’t believe how good I looked. Then, my girlfriend took out two choker necklaces and made me wear one. We both looked great.

She then took out her mobile and started taking pics of me. At first, I was shy to pose but slowly I enjoyed it. We took a lot of selfies and videos too.

At the end all the day, everything was wonderful and we had a very good time together, not to say the best time ever for me .


Sent by Melissa

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  1. Love that crossdresser storing.🥰

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