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My Story Through Crossdressing

my crossdressing storyA few years ago, I was searching for a job and I had moved in with my girlfriend. After I got the job, I bought my new house, and she moved in with me.

One day after a late-night work, I came back home. I opened the door, and I was surprised to find a note on the couch. It said: “Sorry, this isn’t working anymore.”

Frustrated, I went outside the house to get some of my clothes, because I really needed a shower. I took showers when I was frustrated. I went in the shower and after taking a good bath, I came outside. I grabbed the towel and started drying myself.

After that, I reached out my hand onto the bar where I hang my clothes. I grabbed my underwear and when I pulled it, I saw it that I had taken my ex-girlfriend’s underwear.

Feeling it, I had this chilly sensation in my stomach. Something was happening. I was losing control of myself. I wore the panties, and put on the bras, and I felt so different.

Ever since then, I couldn’t hold me from crossdressing.

Submitted by Aria Maxwell

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  1. Sounds good and valid to me. There’s nothing to be ashamed of. Keep doing it if it makes you happy 😉

  2. Enjoy it and I can relate, I only cross dress in private but the wigs and make up along with the negligence make me feel attractive

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