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My sisters made me spend Christmas as a girl !

My sisters made me spend Christmas as a girlGrowing up with two older sisters I was always dressed in whatever they wanted. Snow White costumes, Bratz belly tops, even swimsuits!! They always painted my nails, much to my Dad’s dismay, but everyone thought I was adorable.

Eventually we all grew out of that phase of our lives, except for me. I secretly wore all my older sisters clothes in the attic. From Ginny’s old bras and panties to Shelley’s skinny jeans and strappy tops.

But one Christmas when we were all alone for the first time ever while Mom and Dad were visiting cousins in Canada, it left me bummed out having Christmas without our parents. My sisters were also disappointed.

It was Christmas Eve, and I heard a call from Ginny to put my dirty clothes in the wash basket. I emptied out my room thinking nearly everything could use a good wash before Christmas. So I dumped my clothes into the washing machine and turned it on. I left it on for an hour and would come back after breakfast.

At breakfast Ginny, Shelley and I discussed what we were going to do with ourselves for Christmas. We each had some good ideas such as ice skating, going into the city to see the Christmas lights shining and going caroling from door to door. We made a few plans and the others went upstairs to get ready and changed.

I returned to the washing machine, but as I opened the basement door, a flood of water flowed to my feet. I quickly ran to the washing machine to see the door had burst open. Water was everywhere but as I picked up what I thought was a sock, turned out to be one of my t-shirts!! All my clothes had shrunk!!

I cried for the others as they ran down only in their bathrobes with makeup half finished. They were shocked and asked what had happened. I must’ve lost track of time leaving the washing machine go on for 2 hours, shrinking my clothes and destroying our basement in the process.

Ginny was furious screaming that our parents ordered us to be on our best behavior while they were away. All I could think about was all my clothes shrunken and destroyed and nothing to wear for Christmas. My Dad would kill me when he came back when he sees the mess I caused.

Just when Ginny was about to call Dad and tell him what had happened I cried and begged and plied for her not to. That’s when Shelley had an idea. She whispered into Ginny’s ear and told her her idea. I didn’t know what was going on.

Finally they both blurted out that they would not tell Dad and they would clean this mess up before they got back on one condition… I have to spend Christmas as a girl!

I couldn’t believe what they said. Before I could even respond Shelley said that because I had no clothes to wear I might as well wear their clothes for a week until I get new ones for Christmas. I was still stunned. I knew I would be grounded for ever for destroying our basement if Dad found out. So I agreed.

Ginny and Shelley were very excited. They each grabbed my hand and ran me up to Ginny’s room where they talked me through their process. Ginny ordered me to have a shower first, shaving all my hair below my head. So I did just that I grabbed a towel and closed the door and turned the water on.

I stripped out of my pjs and left them on the floor. Suddenly I heard the door fly open as I shouted hello? Shelley had come in and dropped her robe as she stood there in just her pink bra and panties. She said it’s just us girls there’s nothing to hide.

She took my pjs and threw them into the bin. “I have a nice silky nightdress for you to wear instead” I finished my shower and there on the table lay a polka dot pair of panties and black and pink polka dot push up bra set.

Ginny stood at the door, still in her lacy red thong and bra set as she watched me open the shower door. “There’s nothing to be ashamed of” she giggled. I dried myself off before Ginny said that maybe I should tuck a certain member with some cello tape. I did just that as I stepped into my, I mean Ginny’s panties. I felt myself getting hard as Shelley let out a giggle as she watched on.

I put my arms through the bra straps as Ginny helped my clasp the hooks. I was handed some socks to stuff the already pushed up bra. Next I was taken to Ginny’s room and pampered with makeup of all kinds. Foundation, lipstick, fake eyelashes, eyeliner, tinted eyebrows, you name it I had it.

Next Shelley and Ginny finished getting dressed as Shelley put on a gold sparkly dress which showed her bra straps and cleavage while Ginny wore black leather pants which unveiled her thong as she bent down and a spaghetti string top.

I was handed a pink flowery short pink skirt with a white tank top and light pink jacket. It was the exact outfit Shelley had worn for Christmas when she was 13.

My bra could clearly be shown through the top while my bulge could not be contained and stood hard at the front of my panties and skirt. I was suddenly bombarded with pictures ensuring I was never to forget this day…

To be continued…….

Submitted by Larry

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  1. Nice story ^_^
    I want a Christmas like this with my wife

  2. wonderful stories

  3. please post part 2

  4. I enjoyed what I’ve read so far. It’s like reading one of my own fantasies.

    1. Mine too.


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