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My First Experience Going Out in Public Dressed as a Girl

My First Experience Going Out in Public Dressed as a GirlMy name is Sam and this is the story about my first experience going out in public dressed as a girl. When I was 21 years old, I took my first steps outside the house dressed completely from head to toe as a girl. It is one of the most thrilling experience I ever had in my crossdressing journey so far.

About me in short, I grew up along two older sisters and by the age of 12, I got very attracted towards girls clothes and dressing up as a girl. The first time I tried on a girl’s clothes was a white frock of my oldest sister. Since then, I always wore my sisters clothes secretly whenever I got a chance.  I would sneak into my sisters room, browse through their wardrobe and wear their cute dresses and outfits. I had a close call a few times but never got caught.

After joining college, I moved out and it was then I started to crossdress more and more. I brought many dresses, wigs, heels and makeup stuffs online. I  would stay late till night getting dressed up and taking a lot of photos and videos of myself.

I started experimenting a lot with makeup and hair wigs. I would practice hours and hours in-front of the mirror trying to pose and practice my feminine gestures and posture. I learned to walk in heels and got better at applying makeup.

I would watch videos of crossdressers in YouTube, makeup tutorials and male to female transformation videos for hours and hours everyday. This sparked my crossdressing desires even further, I then wanted to go out in public dressed as a girl and feel what it was like.

I couldn’t stop thinking about how it was like to be a girl out in public and how people would react seeing me as a girl. So, after a lot of thinking, I finally decide to crossdress in public for the first time in my life. It was a very exciting thought and at the same time very scary. But I really wanted to get the experience.

I started planning my crosssdressing adventure and picked a Wednesday night to step out. I figured, I would be too scared to go out in public in broad daylight and encounter people and worse, meet people I might know.

So, I planned to take a short drive to a nearby gas station and get back home rather than walking outside. I felt like being in a car would provide more confidence and security for myself and there would be far less people in the night.

I lived in a crowded neighborhood back then and I had to make sure the neighbors didn’t see me dressed as a girl. So, I decided to head out around 10pm in the night when most people would go to sleep. I was really excited about my mini crossdressing adventure.

When the day finally arrived, I had everything planned, what I was going to wear and how to head out of from the house in the car. At 6 pm, I started getting ready. I had clean shaved my face and also my legs the day before. I took a quick shower, got out and moisturized myself. Then, I put on a pair of white padded bra and panties. I stuffed the bra with woolen socks to add nice volume. Then, I put on one of my favorite dress, a pink bodycon mini dress with short sleeves.

Next, I started applying makeup on my face. I put on the foundation smoothly around my face, then concealer to match my skin tone nicely. Then, I applied eyeliner and a gentle touch of pink eyeshadow. I put on the fake eye lashes next and a matte pink lipstick to complete my looks.

Now, it was time for the hair wig. I decided to go with the black straight hair wig because it looked more natural than my other hair wigs. I put a clip on one side so that the hair would be more manageable. As a crossdresser, I have realized how hard it to actually manage hair wigs and take care of them.

So, after placing on the hair wig as perfectly as I could. I put on a very hot pair of high heels that I had with silver glitters.  I felt really cute when I looked myself in the mirror. I was loving every bit of it. Then, just to make sure I didn’t look very revealing, I put on a black blazer and my transformation was complete. I adjusted some minor details of my looks. The time then was around 9:30 pm

I took a black handbag and I put some cash, my ID, mobile, house keys and a box of cigarette inside it. I really hoped I wasn’t going to be chased down by cops or some crazy people. I walked out of my room to the hall way and I could already feel getting more nervous by the minute. My body was shaking, heart beat was getting faster, and my mouth becoming very dry. I walked around the hallway to calm myself down, drank some water and tried to get my confidence up to take the first step outside.

I peaked through the window to check on the neighbors and as I expected, their windows had curtains closed and some had the house lights out as well. This gave me some confidence and I finally decide to step out of the house and into the car that I had already parked outside the garage in the afternoon.

First, I turned off the outside light so I could hide better when I stepped out. Then, I timidly opened the front door and my heart beat started getting louder and louder. I felt so exposed and vulnerable when I was finally step outside. I could feel the wind in my legs and it was amazing.

I closed the door as silently as I possibly could. Then, I made a move towards the car. As I walked, I could hear the sound of my heels clicking on the pavement and it gave me such a rush. I got to the car and as gentle as I could, opened the door, got it and put the handbag on the front seat next to me. I took a sign of relief that I made it that far. I looked around and there wasn’t anyone around.  As I started the car, I noticed how strange it felt to push the foot pedals while wearing high heels. Then I took off.

It was such an intense feeling that I was experiencing at that moment, something I had never felt before. I was so conscious of everything happening around me. Then I saw a car coming ahead and I could feel the Adrenaline rush as the car approached.  I could feel I was starting to get very sweaty and shaky. As the car drove by, I was so relieved.

I encounter few cars on the way to the gas station, I slowly got the hang of it and started getting less nervous every time a car passed by.  Then, on a silent road side, I parked the car. I adjusted my hair and the dress, took out my mobile and snapped a few photos and videos.  I was loving every moment, the feeling of being a girl out in public even though I was quite nervous time and again.

I decided to step out of the car, smoke a cigarette and then maybe head to the gas station to put some gas. I nervously got out, hoping no other cars would pass. I took a cigarette and lighter and go out. It felt so good to be dressed as I was. Then I lit the cigarette and strolled around the car. Every single second was so exciting outside the car. As I was halfway through my cigarette, I heard a car approaching and that made me automatically jump right back in the car. I realized it would take few going out in public to get used to the feeling and not get jumpy and scared while crossdressing in public.

I got out of the car once the car drove by. I finished my cigarette, strolled around for a minute and as I was about to get in, another car suddenly drove by at a fast speed but just as it passed me, it slowed down and stopped. I could feel my heart beat stop and my whole body froze. I was so scared to look over to the other car, so opened the car’s door and got it. Then, the car took off. I was scared to my bones, and that completely shaked me up.

I decided to call it a night and head back home instead of going to the gas station. I enjoyed my ride back home and it was just so wonderful. Once I arrived home, I could completely relax after an intense first outing in public as a girl. What a night that was and many more outings in public followed but my first experience going out in public will always be very special to me.

– Submitted by Sam (Samantha)

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  1. Amazing story, I’ve been there and got the t-shirt, so I know that wasn’t fiction. Thanks for putting your experience out there.

  2. A very exciting story, and a experience that many of us here can relate with very much… And by the way, you are a great narrator! Please share more stories with us!

  3. Funnily enough, the first time I went out in public, I only felt slightly nervous. Similar situationt to yours -drove about 10 miles (thinking that’s a safe distance from home and all the neighbours family and friends) to do an early hours shopping trip. Very exciting. The feel of the nylon slip/petticoat I was wearing under my skirt caressing my legs and as I walked around was absolutely great. Within about 2-3 weeks I was out in daylight, going around in local area and not a hintof nervousness at all. Recently been to talks at local historical societies, Christmas church fair and out with friends and in cafe in my female clothes.

  4. I have been doing it since I was a kid. Sneaking out if the house finding Panties and bras on clothesline and putting them on. As I got older I kept doing it and going to malls dressed as a woman.I have been seen by people who know me and have told me.

    1. I have since graduated to adult theaters.Going in as a guy.Stripping naked in front of all the patrons.I would start putting on thigh highs,then nipple clamps,then a bra and lipstick.No panties.This would usually bring a few guys up to me.I make them drop there pants a underpants and grab a few dicks and work on them.When I found the right one I would take it in my mouth and go to town.I have had a few guys grab my dick and suck me off as well.Always a great time be a sissy slut.

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