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My First Daytime Outing

My First Daytime Outing as CrossdresserAfter my divorce, I had no place to live so I moved into a cheap motel for a while. It was just me & my cat, since I was on unemployment, I spent a lot of time dressing as Joanne.

At night I would go out as Joanne to the local stores like k mart, payless shoes, Wal greens & the like. The one morning I got up & dressed as Joanne, I opened the door to see what the weather was & my cat ran out, I ran out right after her not even thinking about how I was dressed.

Lucky for me a guy staying in the corner room seen me chasing my cat & came out & caught the cat, I went over to him & thanked him over & over again, when he handed me my cat he said I should put the cat inside then come back down & talk for a little bit.

Feeling pretty confident, I agreed & put the cat inside & went back to talk to this guy. We really hit it off, he asked me about my cross dressing & I told him I loved being a woman, one thing led to another & next thing I knew we were in his room in bed together & I owe it all to my cat.

Submitted by: Joanne Watters

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  1. Wow are you still seeing each other x

  2. Good for you!

  3. Wonderful for both of you.

  4. That’s beautiful Joanne and so are you, enjoy your life 😘

  5. so lucky i wish this happend to me one day

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