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crossdressing story

I arrived home, from work, on the Bank Holiday weekend, of Easter. The following week, I was taking days off that were owing to me, so the forecasts were good, and I was happy. As I entered the house, I heard chatter, and recognized my mom and aunt Marilyn’s voice.

“Hello son, look who is here.” mom spoke, as I gazed at aunt Marilyn. I had always and still am, very fond of her, and fantasized about her, when in bed and in the shower. I know it is wrong, I told myself, but that was my secret.

Mom: “Aunt Marilyn, is here, to ask you, if you would like to spend some of your days off work, at her home.”

Me: “Yes, I will accept the offer mom, and thank you aunt Marilyn.”

Well we sat down to a meal and my aunt slept over that night, so we made an early start in the morning.

Aunt Marilyn: “Did you sleep well Graham, as we got into the car?”

Me: “Not really aunt, as I was excited about this stay with you. ”

I waved my mom goodbye. The journey took us about ninety minutes, and arrived in Park Close, a cul-de-sac, with six bungalows there. It was a tranquil area, and in the countryside. I liked the closed in hedges of the lanes, we drove down, were beyond the hedges, laid open fields of grass and crops.

My valise case (a small travelling bag), just carried my bathroom kit, a few underpants and tops, a pair of blue jeans, a white ladies blouse, full sleeves with a Peter Pan collar, a pair of white knickers and ladies beige slacks, with a button and zip, side fastening.

Aunt Marilyn, showed me around and where everything was. Then we left, to go for fish and chips, to eat at Tally’s. On return, aunt took a shower, and offered me to take one after her, which I did, to freshen up.

About an hour later, aunt, telling me, as I was reading a woman’s magazine of hers, that she just be over the road, to chat to her friend for awhile.

Aunt Marilyn: “Is that okay?”

Me: “Yes aunt, go ahead, is it okay if I do this crossword aunt?”

Aunt Marilyn: Yes sweetie make yourself at home.

I was still with a bath towel around my waist, male sarong style, not female, with it covering my bust.

Once aunt left, I had the urge to peek into her boudoir, and there on the bed, was a lovely shade of pink, nightdress. Oh gosh, as I stared at it, but dared not touch it, in case aunt had placed it, in a certain way. Weakness of a man overcame me, and I found myself holding it up in front of me, then dropping the towel, to the carpet, and stood in front of the mirror, and with a rampant erection, as I had not mastur-bated for about five days. Oh gosh, as I was now mesmerized, then it touched the top of my pe-nis. Oh no, as I hoped my precum had not stained it.

Then to my horror, my aunt’s voice at the door, saying, ” if you like it so much, why not put it on.”

Aunt stood there smiling.

Me: “I can explain aunt Marilyn. Please don’t tell my mom.”

Aunt entered the room, locked the door, and came toward me.

Aunt Marilyn: Now my teenage niece, we best get you into your nightdress, and early for bed.

Taking the nightie from me, slipped it over my head, not mentioning my arousal.

Aunt Marilyn: “Pink, does become you, Jane, Very cute indeed. You shall wear it tonight and if you make a mess in it, you will hand wash it, and you will wear another one of my nighties, each night, until you leave. You see Graham, I mean Jane, as I unpacked your valise earlier, I noticed a certain few items, that only could belong to a girl wearing them, so to confirm it, made an excuse to leave you alone for awhile, to discover you, in a compromising position, which I have done. Now my sweet young niece, we best go and watch the film on DVD, ” THE WOMEN.” Tomorrow morning, you shall wear what I put on my bed for you. Any argument or protest, then your mom will be contacted. Do you understand Jane?”

Me: “Yes aunt Marilyn.”

Aunt Marilyn: “Now, when you need to use the bathroom, you will sit down to pee. You are now my niece, a girl. We are going to have such fun, while you are here. Oh you’re going to see some change in you. ”

I sensed my boyhood, being overtaken by a new ultra-feminine existence, while at aunt Marilyn’s.


Written by Jane Graham. ~

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  1. What a wonderful way to get caught.

  2. Lovely story, could use some sharpening up concerning your writing grammar but I did love it. We all want an aunty like that, to be told what to do to bring our feminine side out. Kisses hon.

  3. had a similiar experience ,but my aunt had a strapon that she used very well it vibrated on her pussy as she laid the wood to me felt great.

  4. Could of been oh so much better and longer.

  5. I so wish some wonderful GG would take the time to femmenize me! I so want to be a Girl, and have a nice, sweet Boifriend to play with! I would be ever so good to him! yeth, this Girl would!
    Miss Roxie

  6. More!

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